What if i could reveal a higher level self leadership in you that you didn’t know was available to you exponentially? What if i could unpack a level of courage, confidence with intensional direction you know is obtainable across all areas of life but simply cant seem to access it and master it? Have i peaked your interest? If you Said YES, then i am the mentor for you.

Self care is a non negotiable, your self development is what creates the life you lead and the legacy you live by.


Our people are the future fit of our global businesses and community global brand’s. Advocacy and continual growth of business regardless of all economic environments, it is our teams that drive the success of the business. It takes many hands to make continual success thrive. Regardless of the size of team each member has innovation to help your business thrive forward, having the right high performance mentor to facilitate change management and growth should always be someone whom is embodying self leadership in physical human mastery.


ASHRA™️ knows first hand as a business leader and owner on the global stage what it takes to develop high performing executive’s, directors, leaders and board members. She is one and takes the role on with great responsibility. To her team, her family, and to the global clients she serves. Maybe you haven’t yet mastered repeated success and want to master self leadership in this…Maybe you have already tasted success and ready to up level once more, having a high performance quantum embodiment mentor always takes you to exponential heights because they know balance is the key to building a living legacy.


Transforming 100,000 Million individual lives through high social and emotional intelligence within the work place, community and individually.

In transforming hundreds of thousands of individuals and global communities through emotional and high social intelligence programs and modalities, ASHRA learnt first hand that identifying a individual’s purpose and then being able to language the innate potential a individual has to those they serve, connect and build relationships with is fundamental in how they navigate life. Its all starts with social and emotional intelligence.

ASHRA GLOBAL is all about human potential, building teams, communities whilst unifying individual’s unique attributes to drive better sustainable outcomes all can thrive with.

ASHRA is a people focused, solutions based servant leader whom works in a simplistic, direct and transferable way for clients.

1. Get to the root cause of what is needing to be addressed for growth, transformation and scaling of service, organisation, team and revenue.

2. Develop strategies, modalities and programs that can be transferable regardless of the environment to optimise results whilst building continuous development. Specifically designing e-learning, 1-1 & face to face / group facilitation / content on rewiring neural pathways within the brain, to develop mental intelligence for resourceful acumen and attributes in applied action.

3. Develop a common tangible & transferable language that a individual or team/ organisation wide can communicate efficiently and effectively driving higher employee retention and leadership cross function development, employee engagement, sales / service, B2B development, revenue and sustainable community exponential growth whilst fostering a high social, emotional intelligence and cultural dynamic in stability within a growing global market in whatever is being sought, mastered, created and sustained.

It ASHRA’S mission to transform & strategically transform 100,000 million lives across the globe with tangible, practical and measurable self driven self leadership tools to innovate, create intensionally through communication, business, community and personally, intimately, ultimately for humanity and our planet.


Join the 500,000+ strong individuals ASHRA™️ has already transformed globally through her transformational coaching & mentoring, facilitations and programs.

Grace & Gratitude, – ASHRA ™️


Want to take the self driven lead on the life your cultivate by building a living legacy the entire world thrive’s in? Learn the strategy, the self leadership transformational principles to up level your life now!