Transforming 100,000 Million Women Embodying Transformational Divine Feminine Self Lead Soul , Heart, Mind, Spiritual Physical Mastery.

In transforming hundreds of thousands of individuals and global communities through emotional and high social intelligence programs and modalities, ASHRA learnt first hand that identifying a individual’s purpose and then being able to language the innate potential a individual has to those they serve, connect and build relationships with is fundamental in how they navigate life. Its all starts with intuitive, social and emotional, mental intelligence. That become the building blocks into self lead physical embodied mastery.

ASHRA is divinely inspired by the human spirit and its full potential in capacity when truly accessed. ASHRA works in three core aspects when guiding Women through lasting balanced transformation.

1. Get to the root cause of what is needing to be addressed for growth, transformation through understanding trauma, wounding, patterning, limitations, fear and dis-ease within the mind, heart, soul and spirit in physicality.

2. Develop personalised proven strategies, modalities and programs that can be transferable regardless of the environment to optimise results whilst building continuous transformational growth.

3. Develop a common tangible & transferable embodied language that on a individual level can be fully communicated efficiently, clearly and confidently. Effectively driving higher sustainable engagement in all areas of life, interpersonally, professionally and intimately.

At ASHRA GLOBAL, we offer very unique services in both 1-1, group and yearlong programs where women can come to self-heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually with fellow like-minded women all over the country here in the USA.

ASHRA’S focus is specialising in really merging intuitive ability with balanced grounded proven emotional, mental and social intelligence modalities, techniques and application emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and soulfully.

The work we do at ASHRA GLOBAL is more than meets the eye, we are a movement of feminine change agents shifting paradigms for cultural, social, community reform across the USA where women are at the forefront of leading this transformation. We love nothing more than seeing women thrive, succeed whilst being their truest beautiful self in whatever capacity that is for them celebrating who they are in the world.

After spending hundreds of hours, over many years ASHRA actively was seeking out the best to support her own personal, professional and intimate growth and self healing journey, overcoming trauma, and healing. ASHRA was not able to find a central place that really could offer lasting transformational support across the entire multidimensional self that makes us all beautifully imperfectly perfect so she created that model for women.

ASHRA has the absolute honour of working with women who are passionate about being a voice for women in the community through diversity, inclusion, activism, minority whilst also adding highly invaluable passion, conviction to healing generational and ancestral trauma, ancestral divide, inequality and oppression. This is a core principle ethos ASHRA model’s within the way she hand’s on mentor’s, coaches and facilitate to all women through lasting transformation.

Every women that comes to be apart of ASHRA GLOBAL take their learned insights by leading with them in their own embodiment within their communities they serve, so it becomes this magnificent ripple impact of sweeping transformational lasting change.

Every women wants,

To be loved,

To be celebrated

To be witnessed

To be heard

To be given equal opportunities

To receive equal rights

To share & contribute without limitations

To love & be all themselves however that is for them within their own unique beautiful divine light signature.

ASHRA pride’s herself on being a visionary, what it means to assist women to see their blind spots and heal them so that the very aspects of whatever or whomever limited them, muted their voice, oppressed their powers swiftly shifts.

As Women are the creational vessel in which human life can be sustained and now is the time for our communities to stand with all women, all that identify as a women for transformational humanities history so deeply needs.



It ASHRA’S mission to transform & provide real tangible, practical, and measurable self-driven heart lead, tools to innovate, create intentionally.

Do you feel the inner call from the innate inner wisdom you are, to lead in a more progressive, celebrated fully embodied way?

If you are ready to lean in & lead more with your entire heart then book in a exploratory session with ASHRA to see what support you would best thrive in as you start this new phase of self in learning the art of self mastery in healing the entirety of you, mind, heart, body, soul with spirit.

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