2020 is on the lips of everyone right now, holidays are fast approaching for those in whom celebrate the festivities of December and ushering in a new calendar year..It is a busy time indeed.

Be sure to stay in your own power, have compassion for others as this time of year amplifies not what is said, rather what is unsaid and unresolved.

From those in whom work with energy like myself to whats unfolding in the field right now and across the next four year cycle in humanities evolutionary leap forward…many clear indicators are present.

No matter the political area, or the geographical location you reside, 2020 does emanate a totally different presence that it will command you to stand on your own two feet within your own power, whilst continually ushering you towards more unified presence, connections and relationships. Above all a more conscious approach to how you resourcefully support the planet, humanity, communities or highlighting to you how little you do and what need ‘s to shift in you to restore balance.

Its a very exciting time to be alive and i know many of you are really feeling the sweeping changes across our planet and are seeking to have certainty in the path ahead.

What you need to see for yourself is certainty in your abilities to navigate what ever path unfolds ahead. Certainty in self is not trusting yourself, its FAR MORE POWERFUL, totally knowing yourself.

Inside and out, back to front and all the aspects in between.

I encourage you to not get pulled into other peoples uncertainty in self at this time, and be mindful of those whom are volatile in their language, approach and uncertainty in self. Chaos sometimes rises when people feel they aren’t in control, especially those in whom love to dictate the terms of the lives they touch, or the lives they think they know…when in true transparency they know nothing at all. Don’t buy into their bullying ways, and stand in your own transparency.

People tend to project their own “stuff”, invisible walls of pain and expectation when they command you to fall under their way of living, being and doing.

Do not have guilt, shame or feel pressured to please someone else whom is trying to protect their pain and sufferance by creating chaos and hooking into you.

You know yourself better than anyone outside of you, so never let someone dictate who you are or are not by their very limited awareness and very limited perception of your own reality.

What is evident in the field is that this amplification of wounding is a conjunction point for you to choose how you wish to respond to such behaviour of others. Who they are has no influence of your ability to achieve greatness in your life and NEVER loose sight of this.

Remembering when we have such a signifiant change among humanity as we are seeing in the global climate and economic presence. Don’t shy away from being yourself, sharing what you see and know because of individuals in whom only know how to tear people down not build them up.

See it as fractured energy, not lasting nor limiting and YOU are always in control of how you want to feel about yourself and the life you lead.

NO ONE determine’s such power but you.

Also take note of weight and retention of energy at present in your physical body..some of you as you are navigating emotions and emotional change be sure to have a self care practice or ritual to have some form of body work to assist the physical in discharging excess energy.

Discharging energy that is accumulating in your physicality. Shame, guilt, remorse and even projected emotions of others pain, sufferance whilst trying to cover past abuse or trauma at the hands of others be totally attuned to listening to what your body needs most in self care.

When we don’t nurture our bodies enough, we carry physical additional weight, over eat to compensate emotions and even engage in holding onto other peoples stuff. Survival mode kicks in, nursing old wounds occur and we don’t intend too but emotional starvation can occur by avoiding the very emotions that need to be shed.

Shedding weight is shedding old limitations of self and the environments you once permitted yourself to be within.

Over the days, weeks and moving forward don’t keep trying to sit into other peoples lives that simply aren’t willing or prepared to met you where you are at. Let go of the expectation of wanting something from them they simply cannot deliver or be right now.

KNOW they may never change, learn to let go and know that if they are to journey ahead with you they will. If they don’t they were never meant too.

Don’t feel guilty about growing forward, it only stifles your true potential and essence.

One of the themes very present is the purging across the planet right now, to wildfires burning across the planet to ice caps melting and the rise of planetary water. It creates uncertainty in people, we need not go into fear or dooms day preparation. Rather own what YOU can do differently to adapt to the evolutionary changes right now. How you can be a servant leader in your own life and the lives you touch.

Your living legacy is not about some grand amount of transformation, its about who you actively choose to be each day you step out into the world. How you treat others in leaving them better than when you first met them.

I am seeing this very clearly, in- conjunction with the mother wound. The dark mother wound , directly shaped with protection of shame, guilt and remorse. You too maybe noticing a distinctive shift in the mother wound connection and the remanence of the dark mother wound, or you may know it as the shadow mother wound.

This energy is the final aspects of unresolved connection to people, places and lifetime experience you must shed prior to 2020. For others, it is what has come full circle in terms of your own power and growth to the feminine and unification to people. Regardless of what it may mean for you, acknowledge the energy, the emotions that may accompany the energy and give gratitude for this awareness to lean in and up level your own capacity to love more, not less in 2020 and beyond.

The frequencies in 2020 display a significant unified resonance between the masculine and feminine, regardless of what archetype you feel attuned too. Firstly within yourself and secondly with all living energy you co-habitate with across our planet.

Renewed sense of strength in the path you are choosing to walk, develop more of and particularly the type of work you share with the world. Some of the initial 2020 energy already very present is how you are placing expectations on yourself and others.

Its absolutely paramount to NOT confuse high standards with replacing it with expectation. Sometimes when we want a situation, a individual or even a outcome to change we place and project a expectation on how it should unfold. What occurs when this happens is we are actually blocking the flow of what we need rather than being fixated on what we think we need or want.

Standards are a total reflection of being certain about your boundaries of self, what you value and why you value it. The daily rituals and habits that take you clearly towards what you want as a human, in full soul expression.

If you focus working with the essence of the frequency you want to bring forth more into embodiment in your entire humanness, give this to yourself first and foremost. When you are seeking something outside of you to make your life circumstances better, clearer, more abundant you are in fact giving away power by placing too much expectation upon something out of your control.

Only you can control, healthfully influence and navigate your own trajectory in life. So influence your life wisely, by releasing expectations for that job to precisely land exactly how you expect it to. Or that relationship to have resolve they want you think it should be.

2020 is a clear reminder the way we have been in communication with each other is about to shift once more. If you feel you are too dependant on people around you, you’ll probably notice you are also operating still in fear of change.

Remember change is nothing to fear, simply a new possibility for you to experience life in new ways that celebrate you…not tolerate you.

Your life is to be celebrated! Always

Be clear about who you are and what solutions you offer to that frequency you want to be apart of. The more intensional you are about how you can be of service as your own servant leader, to yourself and then to others, the very steps become apparent accordingly.

Because you are attuned to what you need, when we are in service to self. When you release expectations you also release any residual energy that hinder your flow. we inevitably become the attuned barometer to take ourselves toward more of what self fulfils and nourishes without any attachment to expectation.

We fully become loving grace and gratitude, present to create, build and co-collaborate in totally new paradigms of consciousness.

If you haven’t given too much though to 2020 yet, don’t wait till its here. Where possible, invest in yourself and get yourself a coach or mentor to ensure you are self fulfilling your dreams into actuality, rather then leaving them on the pillow where they first landed.

YOU are a powerhouse of consciousness, make your life count for 2020 is whatever YOU want it to be.

Grace, Gratitude With Love

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