100,000 Million Women Embodying Transformational Divine Feminine Self Lead Soul , Heart, Mind, Spiritual Physical Mastery.

ASHRA is heart driven in her embodied life purpose by advocating, championing & celebrating diversity, inclusion & equality that has become equally her living legacy vision in the global community she serves.

ASHRA’S comes from a very ancient & long ancestral linage well known in human history of Seer’s, Visionaries & Alchemists. ASHRA is a seventh generation Seer, Channel, Visionary, Medium Alchemist.

It was not until 2012 that ASHRA stepped away from the corporate world as a executive consulting for a large multinational tired of the dichotomy and fear constantly being projected amongst humanity. Witnessing the growing disparity amongst communities, that she knew it was time to step up and lead in a radical way.

ASHRA heeded the call in servant heart inspired leadership through her expansive hearts innate wisdom, to go onto assist hundred of thousands of individuals from all over the globe learn the innate inner wisdom of healing one’s mind, body, soul and spirit through visceral, palpable & grounded embodied wisdom.

ASHRA believes everyone has a heart driven mission to live a purposeful and deeply connected life. Everyone need’s that loving support network to make it a embodied actuality, ASHRA holds this container for individuals to explore who they are are core, but then embody what they discover in hearts truth.


ASHRA™️ is a Transformational Human Potential Coach & Mentor with over 16 years of hands-on experience working with hundreds of thousands of clients globally. ASHRA™️ assists an everyday individual’s from all walks of the geographical global location to understand the language of high social & emotional intelligence in mastery application, whilst how to maximize individual potential and capacity in whatever is being sought, mastered, and co-created in the living legacy that celebrates the individual!

Over the last 16+ years, ASHRA has become a highly successful entrepreneur with over 490,000 global followers on social media, a global conscious consultancy business. Humanitarian, that has seen her founded a Youth Non-Profit in California and considered a mentor to various communities emerging globally as a conscious thought business leadership and human potential embodiment mentor. ASHRA’S™️ depth of experience, insights and application is highly unique.

ASHRA™️ is exceptionally passionate about bridging two worlds together. The aether and the earth, meaning as an “Embodiment Coach” she is changing the tone and narrative by debunking the woo woo with alchemy and the unseen by making it tangibly accessible in normalizing what potential we all have within us when we know how to access its full capacity!

Welcome to the new wave of the conscious heart that leads to self-possession embodied leadership.


Want to take the self-driven lead on the life your cultivate by building a living legacy the entire world thrives in? Learn the strategy, the self-leadership transformational principles to up-level your life now from the heart!