Business mentoring is an industry that is no longer in its infancy or adolescence across the glove. As industry morphs so does the need to have key integral partnerships to having you, your team and business mentored by high performance industry though leaders changing the way communities, organisations and people come together.

Its clear that in the future fit of every successful professional will have a business mentor or a high performance mentor. There is a tidal wave of understanding currently swallowing the global business community at large.  Like a marketing plan, you need a business mentor to be sustainably successful.

The fact is that business mentors create leaders.

Leadership is key to running any successful business regardless of its volume, service or positioning in the marketplace. It’s really about two things: passion and focus.

It’s about staying grounded and focused and allowing your purpose for the work to become contagious. These are some of the attributes of ASHRA GLOBAL .and they are important attributes that every CEO, DIRECTOR and FOUNDER should possess.

ASHRA GLOBAL has served thousands of businesses, organisations and individuals with owners around the world and in every industry imaginable for the last 16 years.

Expansion is one of our key objectives over the next few years. We plan to now address YOUTH LEADERSHIP as the next phase that is critical to our global business economy. There are a lot of reasons for our success. We know what it takes to be a high performing business, to help others succeed in all areas of the community professionally and personally yet ultimately make a healthful difference in the world.

We are also passionate in purpose about what we do, and while mentoring does improve the lives we significantly touch we know that it also changes families and communities, one heart inspired courageous conversation at a time.

Here is to the path forward, inspiring transformational action consciously unifying people, places and governments for a brighter future!