Our land is purging, generational, ancestral wounding is burning up rapidly, being released from our beloved Mother, Earth.

I invite you to hold loving pure, sacred hearts decree prayer, intension for Beloved Mother Earth right now as California Wildfires Burn out of control here in The Valley San Francisco.

I invite you to feel the call to hold the loving grace of pure God Spark, Christ Consciousness, Original Elohim light to the land at this time to assist in the reconciliation, recalibration, and resurrection of the alignment in the balance required for our Beloved Divine Earth Mother.

We as guardians of the land are keepers to continuously invite new pure original source light to come back into attunement to the ground in which we in human form call home.

It is our loving duty to sit in deep reverence of what the Divine Mother holds for us and provides to us in all every elemental exchange we are so profoundly interwoven within unification to her.

Now more than ever call upon the Universal Mother, Cosmic Mother to support of Beloved Earth Mother. As she releases the distortions, wars, man’s ego, indifference, misunderstanding, greed, manipulation, control, hidden agenda’s, loss of life, tribal loss, wisdom diluted, corruption, cloning, fear imprinting, manipulation and imbalance to the law of oneness to all that is.

Call upon your own guardians of light, Shamanic roots, Ancestral Guides, Archangels, Galactic family of light, and that of your own immeasurable God Self to come into the commune to our Beloved Divine Mother as she transforms.

May you connect to this divine guidance from the Beloved Divine Feminine supporting this ancient clearing at this time amongst humanity’s history.

Find a quiet space to sit, allow the body to soften as you allow yourself to drop into the heart. Feel your heart beating to a rhythm of breathing that freely flows for you. Bringing all your awareness into your physical body, hold the intention of pure God-Self cleansing and connection to be present for our Beloved Divine Mother Earth.

When you are ready, state either to self or affirm aloud:

I am of the purest light within my heart, I hold this connection that is me to my Beloved Mother Earth’s core. This light I am is of reconciliation, recalibration, freedom, vitality, alchemy, and immunity of healing what is no longer in service to the Divine Feminine. Or that of our beloved Divine Mother, Universally, Cosmically, and Divinely here on Earth. As you feel this light transference within your heart to Beloved Mother Earth, your heart remembers the enrichment of the Beloved Mother to you. I Know she always walks with me, is apart of me, and is grateful for the love I hold in assisting her not only today but still as I lovingly am a guardian of her purest love’s light.

And so it is.

Stay seated for as long as you need, hydrate yourself. When ready, move about as you would normally. In the coming days, you are invited to continue to hold this loving connection to come back into a commune with the Divine Mother as new timelines are brought through for humanity’s benefit & Beloved Mother Earth embodiment.

In Hearts Decree

The Chalice ™️

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