Today marks the 100th anniversary of National Women’s Equality Day here in the USA. This will mean many pivotal exchanges for different women across this country, for me personally it’s about the collective feminine voice for lasting transformational change.

I am calling on all generations of women to celebrate the voice for change we have already brought to injustice amongst communities, minorities, employment, social reforms, voting rights, leadership roles, relationship dynamics and so much more across diversity, inclusion, and disability in our local, federal and global communities we reside in, contribute towards whilst continually birthing new life to humanity forever changing the way humanity chooses to connect to one another.

Whilst the narrative & tone of not enough women have been recognized for their groundbreaking transformation in changing societal norms times are swiftly changing. One courageous heart-driven conversation at a time!

I proudly stand in empowering the voice of the feminine. For thousands of years women and the feminine voice have been treated with complete inequality, In 2020 and beyond this will continue to dramatically shift.

Power struggles cannot exist in a thriving global, national or local community for change where EQUALITY is the voice for all, not just some.

Join me in celebrating women, your sisters, peers, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors, strangers, the feminine voice for transformational heart-driven change that only but all of humanity can benefit with & from as our connection to the feminine is the very first connection we are bestowed in life.

The empowering relationship we choose to walk with it creates the narrative all future generations can receive it.

Here is to celebrating EQUALITY

In Gratitude

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