Consciously choosing to be mindful of where your energy, intentions, actions, beliefs to your boundaries that reflect your own innate values & environment that you expose yourself too is a profoundly loving self-care practice.

It’s a continuously leveling up of your own innate walk with the Divine within that is reflected outwardly in how you show up in the world.

The reality is we live in a world full of pollutants. Of heightened emotional, mental & even spiritual pollutants. That impacts the physical body if we do not pay loving attention to our most significant barometer of truth, our sacred vessels – the human body.

As of such, with so many external pollutants trying to imprint upon you, it requires us individually to be far more discerning in where we choose to place ourselves mind, body, soul & spirit on a day to day basis.

If you are finding yourself still adjusting to your new reality of what humanity is shapeshifting into, then first know you are not alone. If you are even changing to how you see the world through a new lens, realize you are not alone.

You may find many sweeping changes have occurred all at once, so coming back into the center & finding your flow that’s congruent to who you are & your own innate divine sacred frequency is essential, to where you are going next, but most of all who you choose to be in the now.

I would invite you to feel into your heart, surrender the struggle & hold onto the faith in knowing that you can & will transform anything you adversely find yourself adapting with or ultimately moving beyond.

The key to removing pollutants is openness, being receptive, willing & curious about how this will come to pass. Meaning its not always a straight forward path, but the right way will always present its self as we move through each layer of dissolving & removing pollutants that do not honor our voice, the capacity to walk a path of love that reflects our most actual nature.

Intension for change is not enough, taking action is all where the results lay. Taking affirmative healing action is where all pollutants dissolve and where you find your most authentic liberty in all capacities.

Remember that you are a sacred vessel and how you speak to all elements of self determines the way you receive life as you gift yourself to life.

My heart sees yours

The Chalice™️

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