We are committed to offering high quality, ethically sourced and supplied, responsibility produced services, products used and provided by ASHRA GLOBAL™️ ASHRA™️.


At ASHRA GLOBAL™️, ASHRA™️, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint whilst inspiring others to do the same.


ASHRA™️, ASHRA GLOBAL™️ are committed to forging pathways to healthful possibilities through ongoing facilitation, youth transformational leadership, immersive training, employment, and active community engagement.


We are committed to changing the way communities engage, drive and foster diversity, unity, and inclusion to ensure everyone knows who they are is of value. Our communities locally and globally need unique flair to thrive as our future generations depend on it.

We are actively expanding resources for youth leadership, empowering them to utilize their creativity and innovation to have a positive healthful impact in their lives.


Fostering and championing an ethos of unity, diversity, and inclusion is at the core of ASHRA™️, ASHRA GLOBAL™️.

Our heart driven conviction is to inspire in self driven leadership the human spirit, humanity in alignment to all corners of the globe. Each individual has such a unique message, presence and capacity to share what they uniquely bring into the lives of others.

This must always be celebrated and compassionately met with transparency and love.

Our respective teams, planet partners, way-showers in self-leadership are diverse not only in faith, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, age and sexual orientation yet they all add significant individual value to our vision, mission and ethos with a depth of wisdom, life adventures, innovations, creations, and profound limitless love.

ASHRA™️, ASHRA GLOBAL™️, advocates unity, in our schools, workplaces, companies and respective communities locally and globally. Regardless of our geographical location or native language is spoken, we not only advocate this we ensure we only work with fellow conscious collaborators advocating the same.

Unity not only fosters in greater expansion our combined ethos, ultimately disrupting the way we all connect and are interconnected empowering others to embrace whilst advocating change.

Diversity makes us stronger, for it is in the inclusion of the wealth of experience of ASHRA™️, respective teams foster continual innovation, educational awareness, advocacy, growth consciousness, economic growth, and stability by thriving forward with the power to the human voice.

Because human life matters!