Have you ever noticed yourself requiring a recharge from time to time? Historically we are guided to take time out, go on vacations or rest in front of the tv or watch a movie. Slothing around is not by all means recharging the body, mind or spirit. In todays global economy, global community we are over stimulating ourselves significantly more than any other generational period of human existence. WHY?

With the continue rise of AI and social presence, humanity as a whole is now more reliant and demanding with technology than we ever had. This creates a whole bundle of extra stimulus in our lives, add work, family, self development, spiritual development and exercise as just basic aspects of additional stimulus no wonder as individuals we all need to recharge not just as aspect of self.

Yet master the embodiment of recharging all aspects of self. When we find ourselves over stimulated often we cant settle into one thing, get irritated easily and often have brain fog with all the extra noise and chaos going on around us that is perpetuating within us. Below i have collated the areas you really need to be mindful of when it comes to recharging self and where over stimulus can occur. When you can keep yourself in check, you’ll create boundaries for self that honour each aspect of you to mitigate further over stimulus so you are always operating at optimal capacity and potential at no cost to self or anyone one else.


You’ll know if you’re physically exhausted: You’re struggling to keep your eyes open, and even walking to bed feels like moving through SLUDGE. Often i see with clients pushing themselves at all cost to get a outcome, what they fail to remember when you hustle and tired you actually aren’t producing your finest work. You are producing under stress and pressure thats driven from fatigue. How often have you ever found yourself pushing to get that report done, finish off that assignment or simply that business project only to want to make immediate changes when you are fresh eyed and bushy tailed? Thats because you are not fully present to the present moment to give your full potential and capacity.

The most common form of physical rest is sleep, yet the average adult is guided to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Many don’t get the adequate sleep 5-6 hours typically.. All our individual physical bodies require for us to give them that full physical restorative balance during sleep state. To combat this consider putting yourself to bed 30-45 minutes earlier than normal. It will require a new habitual habit supported by the belief that this is for your optimal physical health otherwise it will become a one hit wonder and thats serves no one.

Another method is breath work through out the day. Breathe work has loads of differential explanations but to be perfectly honest, it need not be that technical and complicated to embody yourself. Sitting in a up right position with your back straight and relaxed in the most comfortable position you can physically muster, ensure both feet are planted firmly on the ground and initially give yourself permission to take three consecutive deep breaths. Each inhale give yourself permission to relax, on each exhale give yourself permission to release tension, friction disorientation you are feeling and experiencing.

As you take these deep inhales and exhales your body will begin to relax and be more receptive to balanced origin of awareness to self. You can resume normal breathing upon the third exhale, be also mindful to tune into the heart as you are breathing to observe if you are connected enough to self or are operating outside of self too much. (More On This Topic Later).

Yin movement is also really restorative when allowing more being rather than doing. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as a movement exercise with asanas (Yoga Poses) that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to up to two minutes. Each pose requires developing core strength, but also the ability to tune into the breath to be ultimately present with the body. When we come to understand more about our physiology as a human we can realise where we are carrying tension in our bodies driving disconnect, disease and imbalances.


Ever felt like your brain’s turned to sloppy mush? Then you know what it’s like to need mental restoration. Mental over stimulus is becoming one of the most common aspects of over stimulating self.

You may realise you’ve been staring at the same page of a book for 10 minutes, or just sent a barely-comprehensible email. IT HAPPENS TO US ALL! Perhaps you notice your thoughts starting to turn negative, judging everything you do or even worse start that internal dialogue of comparison disease to others. Yup its a thing, when we feel our most mental fatigued our minds wander to others and how they appear to have their shit together and have it all. FYI they too still have these moments you only see the sparkly stuff in the media, not the grit in the down times that got them to where they are. So be mindful if you ever find yourself in comparison disease… it serves no one especially you!

The next time you need a mental break, turn off your screens, put down the PDA’S and walk away from the desk top and take a few moments to ground yourself. You might want to focus on some deep breathes or even meditation. Where possible even taking yourself outside for a few minutes into fresh air can be highly cathartic and restorative away from mental stimulus. Other key note to mention is that when we are learning something new, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically at peak times we can over stimulate ourselves with knowledge. Remember to give yourself integration time to absorb what ever it is you are focusing on, when you do you have much better traction in retaining new information and also have better recall of the information when you need to access it.


Socialising can be exhausting, especially if you are a introvert like myself. I love people, but i sure do love time out away from people to restore and rebalance my energy stores. Balancing out draining encounters with restorative ones can help bring balance. I always find time ton restore my own energy might entail a bubble bath, a warm shower, out in nature or by water. Cooking my fav food or even picking up pad and pencils to draw. The quieter the better, i these moments i really deeply connect into my expanded self and tune into where my focus is needed most. These tips of insight assist me in commanding back my resources, my power, my light and my conviction of whats congruent to me for me and the life i lead.

For you, social rest might might mean different things. That too is ok, make sure though you are allowing time to fill up your energy bank each week so that you don’t get totally depleted!


Chances are, you flex your creativity more than you consciously are aware!. Ever brainstorm solutions at work, seek out entrepreneurial ways to leverage income, communication and enterprise or brand? or put together plans for a celebration? You’re tapping into creative thinking—and putting yourself in need of creative rest. We don’t often assimilate creativity with everyday activities, its normally associated with art and design. How little we have been lead to believe incorrectly growing up…

Give yourself a break by going on a walk in nature, where possible jump in the car and go to the beach…Pick up that book you keep meaning to finish and never get to. Surrounding yourself with inspiration can help replenish your drained resources—and elevate any pressure to perform creatively. In all my years facilitating and mentoring, nature is one of THE most restorative environments to place yourself in. It also is a brilliant opportunity to observe nature in her own creative expression where you not only have a first hand witnessing, you can observe ideas for when you are ready to create once more!


Think of how you feel after a frantic day, torn, fragmented and exhausted right? I am a massive advocate that feeling is our friend but we can also over load our emotions without giving ourselves space to explore each emotion and what its root driver is bringing this emotion into our awareness.

A good example of this when you find yourself angered, is it you are angry externally by someone else or some situation you find yourself in or at something internally within yourself? Its not until we sit with the emotion can we ascertain where its from and why we its presenting to us for us to leran form it.

You see everything is a learning, either as a student of life or as teacher of life. We experience both every single day!

Book in to see a support person you can openly share and discuss whats coming up for you and how you are managing it. This person might be a fiend or family member, you may find that could mean arranging regular support with a external party like a therapist or holistic coach…as you bring restoration back to self. In my years of experience i find that going along to receive some body work actually assist me greatly when i am experiencing changes in my emotional intelligence.

Ultimately emotional restoration comes when we are able to be fully ourselves and honour our emotional need for restoration, recalibration and rewiring so that we own our emotions rather than a emotion owning us.


Feeling like static, unanchored, unbalanced? Feeling like you are here but also somewhere else you cant quiet explain? You’re likely in deep need of some spiritual rest. Everyone has slightly different beliefs and also practices around faith, religion or spirituality and totally what ever it is for you juts know sometimes we can over stimulate ourselves where we are not honouring our physicality…YUP our entire humanness.

Whatever it is you believe remember its what drives yours habits, often our habits don’t balance out our beliefs they actually take us to places of discomfort and total disarray not up levelling or expanding us. Seeking out a sense of purpose, mission and vision can invite us to connect to our higher selves, are expanded selves for clarity and context.. My suggestion is to always do it in moderation. Moderation meaning balanced state without comprising all other areas of your life and wonder why you feel such disarray.

When i observe those that rigidly only follow the spiritual path they neglect all other areas of life, looking for answers everywhere else than taking accountability for the life they lead by the choices they make. Often they project at others for not being spiritual enough or to ambitious chasing all the wrong things…In my experience those that thrive forward are those in whom actually apply a balanced approach to spirituality.

Lets face it we are all here as souls as a extension of source creation / god HAVING A HUAMN EXCHANGE. So do that have a loving exchange where you can earn income, share your wisdom and create a better planet without having to go walkabout in bush and sit with the tree’s hoping life will change.

So take time out to let yourself reset in spiritual growth, we do it for other areas like mental or physical but most often neglect spiritual restoration. It shouldn’t be any different!

Remember your spiritual identity is yours alone, this path exploring will bring you into connection to hundreds of individuals if not hundreds of thousands but always stay honourable to self. Listen to what others say, but you don’t need to own what others say as you’ll know if it resonates with you for you or of its obstructing you and making you fearful.


Sensory exhaustion is one of the most prevalent drainers across our entire physicality,

Catch up on sensory rest by putting aside the technology (all of it including the phone) Know when to time out each day and do something that invites calm, nurturing and restorative energy. I know from learned experience if i watch a movie when i am in sensory overload its exacerbates it hardcore. So Im better off not watching it at all…

Deep soaks in the bath, walks along the water and mediation all support me greatly with sensory reset. What works for you?


The most over looked aspect we place our selves in every single day! Our environment, i don’t know about you but my environment is everything to me. Ive learnt hard and fast where i am most productive and creative is in environments like this that have loads of natural fresh light, open spaces where i have the choice of inside or outside to work, play or be.

When i find myself in cramped situations, working on top of other people and with little or no ventilation, natural light i begin to stir. I get restless and i am not performing at my best. Its invaluable what your environment can provide you if you value it enough…

So the next time you are out of sorts, look to your environment. What is it saying to you? Is it a creative, nurturing and inspiring place to put yourself in? If not what are you going to do about it.

I know if i spend too much time in a chaotic environment like the mall or sporting event it makes me wired. So when i go into these such situations Im super selective for what purpose am i doing it and what is the return on my energetic investment? When i can frame it like this when i come back into nature i appreciate the small things like the birds, the wind blowing and the sounds of grass crunching beneath my feet.

Our environments should always work for us and the moment they are not, we need to take ourselves out of the environment for restoration and balance.

Being a multidimensional being takes awareness to self in honouring all of the aspects that make us gloriously human. Be sure to always self discern where you are at and what tools, resources or people you need to support you during each aspect of restoration.

Grit & Gratitude,


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