Just like the Mother wound, the Father wound is an “invisible” wound that is carried down generationally, ancestrally through the ages.

Our Birth Fathers, those in whom influence our existence are also human. We must never lose sight of the fact they are too, even in distorted states of awareness human. Trying to navigate their own way in the world of chaos.

Fathers that have their own unresolved trauma, imprinting, suffering, and distortion in how they have been shown a world to live by. They too have their own lack of self-love, self-worth, and self-validation.

They too, just like you have their own deeply seated limiting beliefs they are trying to make sense off and untangle themselves from.

The men we have in our lives from a very early age teach us how the masculine should and will show up for us. Regardless if you are male or female, or have no direct association to a specific gender. The awareness presents.

The father or father figure sets the very foundation to all men we ever relate too, professionally, personally, intimately, and passionately.

Many of these men we have encounters with regardless of the exchange are too wounded. A learned exchange from their own fathers.

Many of our own fathers have been shamed, just as our mothers have. We have.

Shamed for their emotions, shamed for being weak or soft. Shamed for how to show up in an illusionary world, judged and conditioned on the capacity to provide or inability to provide.

This very pain, trauma, and disconnect are then projected out onto their children.

As adults, a conflicted relationship with Father or Father Figure becomes an unconscious focus. We seek out partners like him or in the absence of him, seek out partners to act as a father figure. We actively seek out approval in others the way we did from him or for him.

We undoubtedly betray ourselves for any attempt of connection with him.

Some suggested ways you can begin the inner Father wounding healing journey:

To learn how to heal this connection to not only your Father but your own inner masculine and your innate connection to Divine Masculine (source Consciousness).

1. What insights did my Father ever share with me about myself that I now suppress?

2. If my Father was absent, what narratives were told around this and by whom?

3. How did these narratives shape my world and make me feel as a child into my adult life?

4. How did my Father respond to my emotions? Or how did my Father figure support my emotions?

5. How did my Father process his own emotional needs?

6. Was your father emotionally available at all for you?

7. What beliefs did your father have about the world?

8. What views did your Father tell you about the world you would make as your own?

9. What messages did he teach you about love, intimacy, sex, communication both directly and indirectly?

10. What did your father teach you about self-responsibility and accountability?

11. How did your Father cope with anxiety, overload, stress and fear?

12. What shame and guilt did he carry as a man and how did this influence and shape you?

13. If you could ask him one question right now, what would it be and why?

This exploring and unpacking the Father wound just like the Mother wound is an unraveling. Its layers to slowly peel aware, come to understand and process. Above all reconcile the distortions held within the entire mind, body, soul to spirit connection we have and hold with the masculine.

So be mindful that it took years of trauma to be absorbed that created wounds, it will take committed effort and compassion with self in reversing the wound back into healed wholeness.

Go slow, take time with each layer, and transforming the new insights as they arise. Honor the emotional unraveling and shifting. Hold a loving space for what you feel as you feel it. It’s all valid and it’s all needed to bring healing healed light into the darkest aspects that have been deeply buried for so long.

Healing the Father wound assists you in healing as a whole. When we take invested interest to heal the inner feminine (The Mother wound) as alike the inner masculine (Father wound) its recalibrates both aspects of self back into totality. Ceasing separation and division from within.

Its creates a harmonisation form within that radiates outwardly.

It’s about not having to choose a side or be dominant in either, ts about choosing to show up for yourself in deeper awareness that you are not your inherited wounds. Your wounds are simply an aspect to heal that it is only a fracture of who you are within the multidimensionality of your entire soul to human exchange. It’s not our identity to continually be wounded.

Here is to walking the wounded path to healing the Father wounding you have experienced. All emotions are responses and cue’s for you to navigate this path forward.

See your worth beyond the Father wounding and as you heal the wound, you heal the wound your Father has with you too.

In Healing Light,




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