ASHRA shared strategy I didn’t want to honestly hear initially, i knew ASHRA wasn’t going to support my excuses. She was going to hold me accountable always to my actions. I knew i needed to be mentored and having ASHRA mentor me just made sense as she had been professionally recommended to me. Change for me can be really challenging and i knew its was my time to change, in multiple areas of my life. I was seeking to have a mentor who could really embody what they taught across all areas of their own life, but actually had the results to prove it. I had been overwhelmed on where to start in my business and personally within my relationships with change, until i began working with ASHRA. ASHRA’S direct beautiful and sincere, lively delivery made it much easier to receive the truth on what really was going on in my life, but more importantly on how i can create the change sustainably. I was looking for longterm results and whilst I know i still have much to work through and intensionally on, after my first mentoring session i felt immediate improvements and resolutions in my thinking and feeling around my life. The strategy ASHRA has been able to provide me is limitless in what i now know i can achieve. Further to this the growth i continue to receive is invaluable to grow my brand, business and the life i once dreamt is becoming my reality.


ASHRA has been an incredible mentor and coach on my journey in just the couple of months I’ve worked with her. Our group work has upgraded my mind and energy to the growth necessary for 5D and beyond. And our 1x1s have helped me hone in on my skills and purpose so I feel more confident in moving forward with my business. On a personal level she’s incredibly wise, thoughtful, and funny. I highly recommend her for guidance and personal growth on all levels.


Since I’ve been working with ASHRA, individually & in a group mentoring capacity, I have a deeper clearer awareness of purpose, mission and offering to the world as I am raising my own levels of consciousness and connectionI’ve received many gifts: glimpses into a future Self, tools to access my ability to follow my heart & trust myself implicitly, learning how to utilize unified sacred practices as a multidimensional being, a deeper understanding of true interconnectedness & limitlessness, embracing all that I am, as I am embracing & supporting a greater loving relationship with mySelf and others. It has been and continues to be life-changing. ASHRA mentors & provides. She empowers & supports you where you are on your journey. I have received deep insights to help me understand myself on levels I only dreamed existed. I’ve received guidance that provides me information so I can choose how I want to show up & create the best life for myself by discerning through my heart what feels true for me . ASHRA has a loving enthusiasm & her authentic delivery is always teaching me new ways to self discern and actualise who i am and what i bring to the world. Since that first mentored session ASHRA was facilitating, I have signed up for ongoing mentorship with her and since renewed again beyond the initial mentoring to take my ability to new heights. It has been so much more than I could ever really express. I look forward to my next series of 1:1 mentoring sessions with ASHRA.


ASHRA’S guidance and mentoring has changed my entire belief in me and my future. The language I use to self and the knowledge I impart to my clients as a result is unmeasurable.