Just so you are clear, you were never broken. Just finding a way to cope, to find some form of normalcy, just surviving in the way’s you have learned, observed and shown how to be.

We are all born in the innocence and purity of wholeness. Born whole and complete in the purity of consciousness.

Healing is just discovering this truth, unpacking each layer that has formed from childhood through to adulthood.

Healing is unlearning of patterns.

As we start to become, aware of our ego, we can see what is driven by fear and what is fear-based actions perpetuated by fear-based beliefs. A scarcity mindset, competitive, and often combative in nature. These aspects are not reflective of the highest possibility, they reflect fight, flight, and freeze of the wounded pain body, seeking out protection.

Ego keeps us experiencing a thought, repetition again and again over like a broken record. That creates an emotional exchange that ends up developing into a behavior, Over time these every behavior that have been giving space, intension, and a platform to be chaotic become patterns.

Patterns are the very insights into how you know something will work out before it even comes into fruition, its the knowing how to manipulate a situation, environment, and or exchange.

Often agonising repeatedly over things that emphasise more trauma and pain within the pain body. Fear of the future, fear of the unknown.

The unconscious self is easy to see, it’s just repeating the past in every single present moment to the next. Keeping you entangled and enmeshed into space you deeply don’t want to be but yet have not unlearnt how to dissolve the connection to it by re-programming it into a healthful exchange.

The way out is in.

The more consciously aware we develop our connection to self and life, the most acutely aware we can pay clear attention to what we think. How we respond, to how we wish intensional to respond thoughtfully, intelligently, and emotionally rather than relatively and negatively.

Its the window where our bodies are the greatest tool for discernment, our physical vessels will always tell us what we need more of or less of. If we are still conscious and connected to listen, observe, and accept what we find from a place of curiosity.

This level of awareness opens up space to see, hear, feel, and come to know thy self in ways you would not have been able to achieve otherwise.

So what are you committed to unlearning right now? and how are you maintaining a practice to honor the space between what was and what’s yet to arrive?

In heart & health



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