🤯 Did you know the 💗 actually beats extra beat’s for some individuals?

Well actually its quiet common i’ve come to learn. My awareness around it was because mine too was doing super funking things… Its like feeling of heart flutters, or well when you LOVE so much the heart wants to share it with the world extra beats at a time!

Including skipping beats 🤔
You know after the usual heart scans, exercise stress tests and sleeplessness nights

I was recently told by the cardiologist i have a beautiful heart. She meant physically, musically and thats its super healthy inside and out.

I know its beautiful because of who i choose to be, but also what its capable of doing when i allow it to lead forward..👉

So its got me feeling into how our bodies communicate to us and with us daily. I say it time and time again, our physical vessels are our finest barometers when we tune into them.

How often are we are listening and observing in taking action on what we find? To be fair we all could be doing whole lot more observing rather than putting ourselves through the paces only to note it brings discomfort rather than up flow and ease with grace when we love our hearts better.

Other than i have this quirky extra beating, extra loving HEART thats loves beating to its own rhythm…🥁🥁🥁🥁

I personally really have begun in a whole new paradigm a way to listen to my heart and the powerhouse of insight it is. When i tune in more, deeper and beyond all previous parameters of old it is crystal clear in what it needs, desires and wishes to outwardly share with others.

When i find myself out of rhythm so to speak, and lets face it… we all experience turbulence in our lives. Its what we do with the turbulence when it arrives is the direction it takes or we take it.

During my time out from exercise due to my heart beating to its own funky loving song i yearned to be physical.
Its created a new core identity of self expression for me now Im back at the gym training for more strength, stamina and agility.

Because I know when i’m strong in physical health i am also in mental health which leads to more balanced embodiment of my mind, heart and spirit as a human being.

As a mentor, i also practice wheat i preach. True leaders lead 💗

Oh, and i just wanted to remind you..
You are good enough..
What ever it is you are exploring right now, you are ready to take that leap and allow the heart to lead you into greatness.

At 40 years young Im still learning.
Self development is my number 1 goal,
When Im seeking to expand my embodiment my embodiment begin to take me into unchartered waters i yearn to explore.

Embodiment is self development
Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Healthfully, Spiritually daily.

Here is to celebrating your life, your ability and the capacity you have to LOVE!