How Adults Re-Create Their Childhoods

As children, we are so innocent of our surroundings and the very musings that co-create our realities that this is often replicated in later years as adults as a sense of security even if the exchange is unbalanced or non-supportive of our needs. As children we learn environments, habits, behaviors, coping strategies, build core beliefs, and how to interact with peers, developing relationship dynamics from our caregivers, elders, and parents.

Most of the exchanges are often non-verbal, meaning we simply observe and absorb these exchanges sub-consciously and even at times unconsciously. As children think of it as a giant sponge that literally absorbs everything in a child waking state. Beacuse that’s precisely what’s happening, children dont have vetting filters yet because they have not yet developed the muscle to discern fully what’s appropriate and not appropriate according to their own bodies barometer of truth. Intuitive ability to say no, even when being told yes.

This is the very conditioning we all encounter, on various levels and various degrees of severity depending on the environments, conditioning, wounding and trauma our parents, caregivers, and guardians have unresolved within themselves sin how they show up in life and the world around them.

As adults, both the mind and the body (emotional body) seek out the familiar. The pull even on a sub-conscious level is strong as is the pull to repeat past experiences. This re-creation occurs even when as adults a sentiment is stated to not repeat such patterns, relationships, or encounters. Yet, inevitably adults do until the root lesson is learned and the original wounding that is associated with it is identified.

You may have become your mother, or told you are so like your mother. This may even make you cringe when hearing this…

You may hear you are just like your father as we repeat what we have witnessed in both light and shade, good and bad, and everything else in between.

What’s essential to learn is to observe where we repeat these relationship dynamics, environments, and situations that keep us as adults trying to create a false sense of control.

If you are finding you are struggling with aspects of your own identity, persona’s, or even relational connection to people, places, situations, or environments book in an exploratory session with ASHRA today.

ASHRA will help you to discover your blind spots in where you are re-creating patterning that is limiting, obstructive whilst living life that is actually not reflective of your true self, rather what you have absorbed as a false identity to self. Once you know how to connect to aspects of self that keep you suppressed and repeating unresourceful patterning your potential and capacity to fully express your gifts, talents, personality, and value to the world dynamically shifts for the better.



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