When we become aware of trauma in our lives, we don’t initially connect the dots in where it stems from. You see not all trauma is labeled as violent, aggressive, or oppressive. Not all trauma is sexual or physical.

Its often psychological.

As a young girl I grew up in a dysfunctional home, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I began the very often complex road map of untangling myself from the trauma I had endured as a young woman, as a child…a very innocent young child.

By the time I had my spiritual awakening or otherwise known as the dark night of the soul (whilst I knew spirit very intimately since I can remember as a two-year-old) my understanding of my trauma and how it would shape my young adult life would become a catalyst of unlearning the trauma held within my pain body, buy understanding what the emotional drivers were to each aspect of the trauma I had become.

I had developed a learned behaviour to keep people at arms length, to keep myself safe. To protect myself from more trauma, because frankly thats how i had learned to survive.

I learned about unhealthy co-dependency and the very unhealthy unbalanced lack of boundaries within my own family. I found it incredibly hard to be near my family, let alone even speak with them. The kind of exchanges where drama always seemed to be present. In fact, welcomed, celebrated, and where the dichotomy of one persona trauma was pegged off against another as a badge of honor, when in fact it was just another wounded child crying out for help in a grown adult body.

I saw how aspects of myself were replicated from what I had absorbed, observed, and had been subjected too as a child was having a detrimental impact on my young adult life. How I sought refuge in isolation to cease the patterns of destruction so the trauma would stop with me.

It wasn’t who I wanted to be. So something had to change, it became my mission to heal, to unlearn and find myself away and totally seperate from my family that had brought more pain than innocence and joy as a child.

I am not someone whom has fond memories as a child, not because i blocked them out. Not at all, I just never had a maternal mother and my absent father balanced out a child that became a adult too soon.

I grew up too soon, and my innocence was tainted. I have spent as long as I can remember healing my inner child and loving her fiercely. With each layer that has ever risen, coming to understand the root emotional driver to why the trauma ever occurred and where I have carried the disconnect in my pain body through out my life.

Over the course of my adult life, I found myself trying to defend my self, to people that I didn’t need too. Let alone seek permission to be me form individuals that really were just wounded children too. I saw the ego driven thoughts, the feeling of lack and the dreaded need to compare myself to please others at the ultimate detriment to myself.

I saw I came to fully accept that I had become a conditioned human being lost in my own concept of conscious awareness to self. What that meant and how the world around me would forever positively change through healing my inner child.

For the better in every way, but it also meant that I would see others wandering, lost, and seeking to find themselves too. These people would become individuals I would seek out to understand the human condition, the emotional connection, and the spiritual driver that ultimately sets us free from the bounds of others oppressed trauma unresolved.

Healing the inner child takes committed work, unpacking very deep wounding that often the shadow self wants to protect. To keep you small and contracted. To keep you in a repressed state of fear.

What I can say is that its liberating, cathartic, and that upon this path of self-healing. Seeking out the best modalities, practices, and unlocking innate wisdom in really come home to self in ways that I never knew was possible.

It’s been a path where many fear to traverse purely because of the unknown. I have met intriguing individuals from all walks of life walking the path of heart healing, that have taken back their power and self-identity even amongst the all unknown of what a healers path presents.

I have had the honor of walking hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world to walk their own self-healing, self-mastery journey home to self love the years. To heal the inner wounded child, so the adult in them doesn’t need to run, hide, or be someone they are not other than their true selves.

The beauty in this is when you start this path you find that you are more alike so many others also unlearning the childhood trauma they experienced trying to come home to self by walking a healer’s journey.

A journey of love, compassion, acceptance, and truth in the transparency of what is, not what you have been told to believe.

Which is waking up to what it is to be human, is an honor. It’s a life long journey that doesn’t have an end date or set outcome. It’s not about labels or titles.

We get to write the trajectory of our paths we walk, the power resides within us to always change the relationship we have and hold with ourselves beyond all trauma transmuting it and redefining it so the inner wounded child is not a wounded adult.

Waking up to inner child trauma is different for everyone, which activates the initial connection. Its an unfolding of deeper consciousness and the interconnectedness to all that is. Its observation, and understanding the ego and shadow self.

A misunderstood aspect of self, that simply needs to be witnessed without conditioning, oppression, or judgment through the loving eyes of untainted love.

Awakening to the human condition is often ridiculed by those who are not ready to walk the path. Ridicule it for not knowing different, for fear of what it uncovers.

What healing it commands and what changes it invokes.

You may be one of these individuals dancing with the very idea that healing is the need but don’t know where to start. I invite you to start with inner child wounding, the rest will begin to unfold organically from here. Healing is not about a race, its a self-possession walk where you change the entire relationship to the life you lead.

For the better.

For those of you on the path already, I commend you for keep showing up. Even with the days where you feel the most tired, thank you for choosing yourself.

Thank you for choosing your wounded self, thank you for wanting more.

Thank you for choosing to be optimistic and seek the infinite possibilities within self even when you don’t have all the answers…

Thank you for couragiously seeing thorugh the noise and trauma

Thank you for choosing love over fear,

Thank you for choosing a healthier healed life journey where you celebrate yourself, instead of being a victim of self.

Thank you for breaking the cyclic trauma, because once you heal your own inner child wounding you cease to carry the trauma forward.

Thank you for choosing, seeing and loving your own inner child.

In healing light




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