Are you enslaving yourself?

I’m talking about being a slave to the past regardless of the context, present life or every single life your have ever experienced across the vastness of the multi-universe.

Everything in our lives is opportunity if we so choose to allow it into our lives this way.

A opportunity to heal, a opportunity to allow, a opportunity to release, a opportunity to grow and a opportunity to love more.

A opportunity to re-discover who we are and how sacred we truly are as individuals and as a collective as HUMAN BEINGS.

Its a love of self in wholeness, as we love others in the same light.

I find myself very curious about my path and how i want to FEEL and BE as i continuously navigate it.

Regardless of where the path may take me…

I find myself lately, realising how phenomenal it is to be HUMAN.

How it is such a honour to be HUMAN

You see each of us here upon the earth travelled hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes to be here now to BE HUMAN.

If we were meant to be anything else we would be…

It the pursuit of ever expanding consciousness, unlocking the multi-dimensionality of self and working with higher realms of multi-universal christ consciousness i have come to witness that everything has a rabbit hole…

Alice in wonderland ability with it if we choose to unleash a aspect of self and not be aware of what we are unlocking..

You see I’m witnessing all around the world individuals seeking to enlighten themselves, heal themselves and explore different modalities.

Believing, convinced in fact that they can heal everything. Naming it as more supreme than institutional faith, when really its choosing to belong to a new ideology that still creates separateness and segregation.

Particularly with the new earth ascension, as a individual of the 144,000 StarSeed’s i too have allowed, seen and expanded in this to only see that the more we deep dive into clearing the old multi-dimensionality the more it relentlessly is so enmeshed to others, soul plans, paths and the earth that the choice of being HUMAN in physical human mastery is lost in translation.

The new earth template is history repeating itself, this is not new to those in whom have this assignment to contribute to Earths 5D ascension.

We have done this before, you see many of the galactic re connection some are awakening too is aspects of the multi-dimensional galactic consciousness that is you that is seeking to be healed – NOT actually aware that the soul choices made by the over-self and oversoul that didn’t take into consideration the physical human body.

When a individual is being relentless in healing, they are being swept up in being all things other than being HUMAN.
It is not humanly possible for anyone soul in physical human mastery to heal all of themselves, given how many lives we have all lead.

As a individual whom has been working on themselves for years and working extensively in the global community with christ consciousness, akashic records, grid work, ascension, quantum alignment, activations and even working with the various planetary systems and species through sacred code and light language the most common thread continues to present to me…

Doing galactic work doest equate to being more sparkly or more enlightened..

It actually highlights how little we as humans really know about who we are and how the multi-universe works.

It highlights how much everyone wants to belong to something and someone..

It highlights how much in the pursuit of what is deemed freeing and assured health with freedom is actually deflecting away from being human.

Now im not saying in order to be human we must suffer, not at all.

What i am highlighting is that you, yes you specifically chose to be human and be here now. Trying to escape in being human wont change the difficulties you face.

How you choose to interact with the challenges that rise and fall for us all is how we choose to relate, own or disown them.

HUMAN’S are in such a hurry to NOT be human and try and be everything else but being totally in love with being a HUMAN BEING that has the full self power to live a intensional physical human mastery experience and any way which we choose to.

Everything requires balance,
In my years of travelling and also deep in the conscious global community i have witnessed and shared in the extreme polarities of what ascension is and what it is to be awake.

From those stating you must give everything away, even material wealth to be the closest to the earth and god in order to be a true conduit for spirit.

How lacking this philosophy is,

To those in whom want to get rich quick and call it soul work when really its all ego based drive..

To those whom claim their way is the only way..

My answer to all of this is thats just individuals whom have trauma not wanting to understand or acknowledge that not everything is love and light.

Every single soul in human form has equally lead a life in both light and dark for thousands of incarnations. NO one is excluded.

A good mentor shows you your shadow and how to transform them back into light within you, not by doing it for you. Rather guiding you the way on how to do it for yourself.

This is the difference between being lead and being empowered to drive the life you lead for yourself.

One of the key pearls of wisdom i have been given in doing this conscious work is that to ask questions..

The more you ask, the more you find.
What you find, is it actually adding value to the life you lead right now?

Living a extraordinary life is not finding escapism labelling it healing.
Living and choosing to be active in a extraordinary life is doing extra-ordinary things for the global community and the planet.

Not a select minority in the global population of 7.7 Billion lives across the place we are blessed to call home EARTH.

The reality i am fully seeing is the percentage of those in whom are awake and those in whom will awaken is still very minor proportionate to our global populous.

So, i invite you to self check
Are you spiralling down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland seeking the next big answer to life’s mystery hoping that its the key to being happy and healthy and totally miss what it is to be human.

We all simply cannot HATE our humanness and expect it to grant us phenomenal experiences and adventures. It simply doesn’t equate!

I don’t know about you, but i don’t want to ever look back regardless if its five years or 20 years and feel i could have done more.
I could have had a extraordinary life and i was lost down some rabbit hole because i was afraid to be HUMAN.

I want to look at my life directly daily, knowing that fear has tried to cheat me time and time again of a intensional purposeful life and i simply didn’t let it.

Being HUMAN above any other gift of god you are is SELF MASTERY.

What are you doing today to improve global humanity that all races, creeds and faiths can thrive in with total alignment to our planet?

The life you lead is a choice, your physical human body is the BEST barometer in guidance than you ever give it credit.

Choose to honour the HUMANNESS that is you, for life is not a dress rehearsal.

Im championing you to be the BEST HUMAN you can be!

All my love
ASHRA (R) 2019