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ASHRA BENNETT is a highly energetic speaker with a charismatic and unique point of view in a ever changing world around us. ASHRA™️ leaves audiences with tangible and practical tools to enhance intuitive communication, emotional and mental intelligence awareness, performance, physical embodiment with actual results in all aspects of life. ASHRA™️ is a expert in growth consciousness, change management, inspirational leadership, human potential and emotional intelligence in developing stronger self leadership / heart lead mastery awareness in daily applied life.

Intentions, Goals, Mission and Purpose – creating a clear vision / planet purpose for your self, business, career. Whilst operating at your full potential and capacity as you thrive forward up-levelling your life on all levels.

Inclusion + Belonging
We know that establishing, and sustaining a culture that promotes inclusion and belonging has wildly positive effects. But what changes can leaders make today? For a better tomorrow.

Rules for Innovative Organizations
For every leader who wants to effectively make change and create environments of growth, excitement, and passion. Take a deep dive into the attributes that the most successful organisations leverage every day. 

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