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ASHRA BENNETT is a highly energetic speaker with a charismatic and unique point of view in a ever changing world around us. ASHRA™️ leaves audiences with tangible and practical tools to enhance communication, emotional and mental intelligence awareness, performance, physical embodiment with actual results in all aspects of life. ASHRA™️ is a expert in growth consciousness, change management, inspirational leadership, human potential and emotional intelligence in developing stronger teams in diverse service sectors.

Women’s Leadership Empowerment  Specifically how she overcome terminal illness only a few short years ago, left 10+ years of domestic violence whilst becoming a single full-time mother, to building a personal global brand, multiple global businesses and now a youth leadership foundation. Regardless of the path, transformation and success in all areas of life are not only possible they are available to all.

Authenticity, Transparency, Social Media, and Business Growth – how to create and sustain self-belief’s, soul purpose, passion to conviction in achieving results in business and life emotionally, mentally into physicality. This is a strategic presentation to share the dynamics of vulnerability, conviction over comfort in creating a global community and connection online. How to overcome obscurity and stay congruent to your own voice and message. The power of voice and how the human spirit all hungers for connection.

Intentions, Goals, Mission and Purpose – creating a clear vision / planet purpose for your self, business, career. Whilst operating at your full potential and capacity as you thrive forward up-levelling your life on all levels.

Team Habits
Many leaders who want to help improve their teams, understand why new team practices matter, but struggle to build buy-in, transfer knowledge to others, and make changes that are the right size: big enough to make an impact, but not so big as to overwhelm their teams. Know the habits teams need to be successful.

Inclusion + Belonging
We know that establishing, and sustaining a culture that promotes inclusion and belonging has wildly positive effects. But what changes can leaders make today? For a better tomorrow.

Rules for Innovative Organizations
For every leader who wants to effectively make change and create environments of growth, excitement, and passion. Take a deep dive into the attributes that the most successful organisations leverage every day. 

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