Firstly, in this crazy world of 7.7 BILLION individuals i wanted to shout out to each of you and say keep choosing yourself and keep choosing LOVE.

LOVE precedes everything, no matter the path or the undertaking of the expedition all aspects always come back to LOVE.

I wanted to share a experience i recently witnessed, a former student of mine has taken my teachings and decided to make it their own.

At no point had a conversation or my permission been requested to do this,

Some may say thats plagiarism and be angered by this type of behaviour, where as i took a moment to observe these actions and come back to my heart and give thanks for the ability i have to teach and mentor.

I am deeply grateful to facilitate and be a mentor to so many i actually saw this experience as another teaching expression.

If you create a product, service or something else the intellectual property that is this will always be yours. If someone chooses to copy it, good luck to them. Genuine luck i might add, i love seeing people succeed and create a life that makes them happy.

What ever they try to replicate that is not theirs will only carry them se far, you see we are always the eternal student as we are the teacher.

I am not angered nor threatened that someone try’s to teach my alchemy wisdom and life learnings. You see the image with these words is the image of the iceberg

Above it appears small, the quick wins and the instant gratification of knowledge.

Below is how large and embedded the wisdom is and where it derives from. Most individuals witness the aspect for the iceberg above the water without giving consideration to the depth, capacity and weight the Iceberg below the water contains.

I see myself much like this, its has taken me thousands of incarnations to be here upon earth this time and CHOOSE to be HUMAN.

The wisdom i am can never truly be replicated, only those threatened by others will allow the ego to dance in vein of feeling someone else taking away their wisdom.

You see i see it as a honour, that they found my wisdom so impactful they decided to replicate it. The truth that lies within however is that no one can ever replicate me or my teachings..

WHY? because only i can ever be me

Everything we do, see and surround ourselves in gives us two choices every single breathe we take:

Come from fear and armour up to defend


Come from love and choose to love anyway. Remember the iceberg what is seen above is not what is underneath.

I want you to know that WE ALL HAVE AMPLE innate wisdom of our own to tap into and share with the world. If you are starting out in a new career, finding our own way in the world remember MASTERY of anything take’s commitment, hard work and persistence.

You do not need to learn others wisdom material in order for you to be successful. You do not need the codes, the activations or the linage wisdom to access your own. You don’t need to regurgitate them, BE YOU

When you choose to honour each aspect of yourself in balanced harmony the inner teachings that is and always has been you will rise for all to witness and learn about.

A new iceberg is formed

Remember no matter what comes into our field each day we always have a choice on how we choose to respond,

Via hate or love

I always will forever choose LOVE

All my love