Just as the pearl forms in the depths of the sea, the lustrious formation in ts beauty stems from a single grain of sand that becomes the catalyst of irritation in creating something so beautiful and potent, that is simply one of a kind.

Just as you are one of a kind, you may often encounter external irritants that offer you the freewill choice to illuminate or be swept up in the irritation and not be willing to see beyond its imperfections.

Like all healing, we must take ownership of the role we pertained, allowed, and even enabled when an irritant enters our-lives. When we render ourselves powerless we are in fact stating we have no free will choice to be apart of the exchange when that’s further from the truth.

In inner self-healing work of transformation, self-transformation is where we take aspects f what we deem negative and transform them into goodness by utilizing them in re-shaping the narrative we have to these very core aspects.

However, we must be very mindful of the narrative we speak in ensuring we must not project or attribute the negativities as to Divine Will rather than actually a direct result of Human freewill choice.

Human beings always have free will. Without it, in truth, there would be no growth, only a system to follow rigid rules and dictatorship. No one really whats to live like that, it’s oppressive.

Whether our free will choices create liberation or enslavement to suffering it is the responsibility of the human individual to own that choice. Do not make it some sweeping statement of justification if its gods will, because all you are doing is denouncing all responsibility in the active freewill choices you feed the exchange.

Spirit, your soul will always encourage you back into the heart of all transparency and truth. But they will never interfere with the free will choices you make as a human being unless you ask for divine intervention for the highest good of all.

Your human vessel, your body has been gifted to you as a vehicle of self-expression, creativity, and connection. As humans, we all are traversing the exchange, all in various capacities and depth of conscious awareness. No spiritual hierarchy is relevant nor ever needed. It’s not a competition, nor a race for some prized possession at a finish line.

If you ever find yourself or loved ones that are in pain, that continue to choose pain, know they are making a freewill choice of living with trauma. This doesnt make them bad people, it simply means that they have not had the self reconciliation to cease the trauma wheeel.

But you do have a choice in how you want to relate, co- relate and be apart of he trauma wheel they choose to live by. You must take responsibility for your own actions, choices and beliefs around the role and responsibility you place in the exchange.

From a deeply pained space of confusion, chaos, and suffering people often cry out as if it were divine will to be punished, tortured, or suffer and develop anger towards the divine. Trying to make sense of why dis-ease or disease is present in their lives.

You see the spirit, source, god, higher self will always provide the path of less resistance, for healing and transformation reconciliation. It is always up to us individuals when in what capacity and what frequency we choose to heed the call and take responsibility for our own actions or inactions to what needs resolution most form one moment to the next.

Safeguarding your energy is not about being in a contracted state, wearing make of armor of protection so you don’t get hurt…No, not at all. it’s honoring yourself so much that you intensionally really observe where and to what you invest time, energy, resources, and connections too.

Because your life is designed by you for you, never gift that power away to anyone for its far too sacred to be not heavily invested in its intensional flow.

In hearts pure resonance light,



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