You probably have heard a lot about what happens about physical starvation to the physical body when we dont give it the nourishment in energy it so rightly deserves and needs to thrive in all aspects of self, right?

What we dont get taught is the high value of being spiritually sustained in equal measure as we would be hydrated or fed food. We are not taught the importance of this exchange because we ave been conditioned to follow a set of rules, regulations, and social, moral expectations of others.

Not that are reflective of our most accurate lights’ own expression, our soul.

Today, I want to share some insights to help you shift in awareness to bring back spiritual vitality, so you are not feeling depleted in one of the most critical aspects of your entire beingness.

Now for many of you that have followed my work for many years, you will know the deep-rooted congruency in energy exchange where I talk about and advocate how our bodies are the most significant barometer of truth we have. Often, too often, we find ourselves in dis-service to our physical bodies by overconsumption of things, exchanges, and even addictive behaviors that hijack our energy and derail us in optimal unified connection to all that is by feeding us fear and dichotomy.

It’s super important that we self empower by coming back into wholeness and see where we have deficiencies in our entirety, mind, body, heart, soul with spirit, including all our subtle energetic frequencies connected to our physicality.

When an individual experiences spiritual starvation, it is as it implies merely voided of connection to god-self, higher self, and that of spirit (God). When an individual lays too much emphasis on externalities of submission to source, stating things like if its god’s will, driven by fear, abandonment, jealousy, or greed, the need for control connection to pure sources is depleted.

The slow erosion of one’s most authentic self.

Spirituality has been so widely misunderstood, is-under represented at large for far too long that it’s also closely linked if not one and the same to organized religion when its nothing of the sort…

Let me explain, organized religion has been around so long that it commands peoples to conform to a belief system to have control over the populous under a guise that to be a good human being you must submit to an ideology that if you dont you will die and painful death an go to hell. In some instances, literally and figuratively speaking.

Slowly over time, humanity has given into spiritual starvation and feed the perception of thinking they are spiritually nourished, when in fact, they are merely conforming to someone else’s view of the world, not that of their own innate heart to soul lens.

So how does someone begin to transform and change the narrative on spiritual, personal starvation? Good question, I would firstly encourage you to step back and observe where your beliefs systems sit with your own connection to God, Source, God-self, Spirituality, and that of the divine will.

Where ever contraction rises, you will find where love is absent, and you are carrying someone else’s programing to how you should or shouldn’t have a relationship with God.

Let me remind you is that a spiritual path is not all some mystical chanting in the woods, wearing purple velour cloaks and casting spells. In fact, in my line of work, I dont know anyone personally who lives a Hollywood movie depiction of what spirituality is or how alchemy is only practiced in the dark.

For me, and for the hundreds of thousands of individuals I have had the utmost honor guiding back into a state of love, most light-infused authentic expression to spirituality is through the heart, creating a daily practice in self-care and begin attuning to the body. To the heart, to your emotional awareness. To the elements and to the earth.

It is in these held spaces that spirit, god-self, higher self, and God genuinely begin to work through you and with you in ways that the human mind initially will be unfamiliar with, let alone digest. But persist, its worth every single exchange it gifts.

Spirituality, being spiritual, is walking in unison with God. Not just on Sundays, or Fridays, or any other set national, biblical calendar date, moon cycle, or astrological symbol.

Walking a path in life that is spiritual is full, owning that you are never separate from God, he/she dwells in you, is you, and is all around you. When you hold this, you cease the need to give such an idea away from that you need to belive or follow someone else’s rules on how to love, be obedient or connect to such force.

For when you sit in contemplation, prayer, and mediation, you are in nature or merely doing something nourishing, you are fully aware you are constantly co-conspiring with God. Intimately, personally, within every cellular vibration within your body.

Now, before you are ready to throw your hands up in the air like I am anti-religion. Please know I am not. What I am clear is that your faith is a personal exchange, not one with you and the 7 billion opinions of others on the planet tells you how to be submissive to following more rules that are not honoring you or the connection you have what GOD.  At no point has god said we must be obedient and submissive to God, that’s man’s interpretation.

God loves us as we are GOD. Not in separation, nor division, in fragmented awareness. No, we are the same vibrational exchange.

The relationship I have with God is mine and mine alone, its sacred, sovereign, divine inspired and held always revealing itself to me in manners I could have never ever imagined. It arrives as this because I am not longer attached to how others feel my relationship with God should be and I allow it to be as it is as it moves in me and with me, speaks from me, and continues to heal me as I heal it.

You see every time an individual chooses to heal, they are healing a generation wound, ancestral wound and ultimately healing a wounded aspect of god self, god source and God where distortion has come because of man need to falsely believe they are superior to god and gods interconnectivity to all that is. By creating fear programing, dichotomy, illusionary misinterpretation, and communication to God’s energy. To gods, interwoven threads of life force energy that binds us all, eternally.

I am proud to be a woman of faith, grace, and compassion.

I am humbled that I walk in oneness to all that is and know that when I am in sync with the divine, I am never alone, I am always surrounded by my family of light in whom are teaching me the ways of the love I have yet to bath in, dance with and on share as an aspect of God’s truest expression.

LOVE. Pure, source unconditional original love.

This is sacred medicine that no book can offer me, no house of prayer can provide. How could it? When its meant for my heart to heal and come continually deeper home to my own resonance to God, with my own God-Self. That dear one is why when we are spiritually starved, we seek out to belong to things to feel complete.

To feel like life matters, we matter because we have had external validation that we are, in fact, a good human being for being apart of the house of God.

I am reminding you that you are the house of GOD.

Come home to self and reunite with your own God-Self, God-Spark, Source, Spirit in your own self-sovereignty for once you do you will never spiritually starve yourself again.


In Hearts Grace,










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