We are not separate aspects of the same whole, we are whole in all aspects and must always acknowledge the interconnectedness of each aspect of our consciousness that makes us who we are.

For we are mind, body, emotions, heart, soul with spirit. Yet, too many individuals are so deeply disconnected from the heart and soul. The innermost sanctum of self, the truest authentic self.

Our spiritual trauma doesn’t just stem from this lifetime’s incarnations, the soul is eternal. Form initial conception as it weaves through the multi-universe in seeking out experiential exchanges to deepen its wisdom and come back into healed light dissolving imprinting, programming, and trauma collected along the way.

Our spiritual trauma is felt when we are raised in unhealthy, toxic, and traumatic environments where we are directly or indirectly told parts of ourselves are inadequate, not loveable, or undeserving.

It creates an unhealthy spiral of exchanges that from this initial exchange can an does have profound traumatic impacts within an adult’s life in how they feel about themselves and the world around them.

This trauma is one of the most common and honestly many see it as a type of normalcy when it’s far from it. Collectively as a species, we have normalized unconsciously creating a self-identity that will gain love and approval in a world where everyone else is desperately doing the same thing.

As a result, pain, rage, anger, abuse of power and control, lack of trust, lack of equality and depression, hopelessness and defeatism sets in.

This is not the whole list of what occurs, but it’s very unhealthy aspects are evident in how it presents in daily life.

So what occurs next is as humans we seek out this lack of connection with self in everything to everywhere we possibly can. Continually reinforcing in the pain body (trauma body) the rational to the very emotional dysfunctions experienced as normal.

Yet, its all driven from fear, imbalance and spiritual trauma.

We go from one union, one relationship to the next seeking out someone to fix us, complete us without understanding the duality of our own self-awareness and interconnectedness let alone owning our dualities in light to shade, joy into grief.

Individuals often turn to substance abuse to mask the pain and suffering as was to find escapism from daily life in feeling through life and block out life all together as a coping mechanism.

Individuals fill schedules with the need to keep busy, to over stimulate the mind as a distraction in having to adjust, address, and reconcile the very wounds that plague them into a submissive state of contraction.

Humans find solace in giving themselves labels, titles, and accomplishments as ways to create validation in the worthiness of being a human. When all humans were already divinely inspired to be human the first instance through the creation of the very vessel they came from, source.

Individuals begin to measure self-worth around materialism, accumulation of things that don’t really add value to one’s life. They are a point of reference to have acceptance in life lead by external approval.

Most humans define their life, its meaning on the opinion, and oppression absorbed from others through spiritual trauma. Too many humans spend their lifetime actively seeking meaning to life in all the wrong places, seeking it externally from the world that was the very exchange that brought about the spiritual trauma in the first instance.

When its all said and done, what all humans are really seeking is to return home. A loving return to being a self healer.

Healing and the relationship we are told to have with ourselves and others makes it out to be some arduous exchange, when in fact its a beautiful becoming.

When we invest in educating ourselves to know better, to feel more and unlearn the dichotomy of spiritual trauma only but beauty can be seen, felt, and exchanged in all levels of awareness.

Here is to you being a self-healer and owning the spiritual trauma you have absorbed.

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