Taking a chance drives change,
A chance on yourself
A chance on others
A chance on the environment you choose to surround yourself in and with

Chance and Change really go hand in hand with each other and how this continuously flourishes is by the willingness in being open and fully receptive to both.

You see through out our lives we must be willing to unlearn knowledge from wounded individuals and impactful situations, this also includes yourself in our HUMAN FORM.


We all have wounds, how often we insistently need to keep poking at the wound will vary from individual to individual based on the principles of chance and change.

What they value,
What they believe
What sustainable boundaries they have that compliment the values and beliefs created by them for them.

When does someone choose to let it go? Stop letting wounds define you, cage you and hijack you.

A individual whom truly values themselves wont think twice about how sacred they are and how sacred their life is.
Each hour of each day counts, so they simply wont allow others to hijack the path they are building and co-creating for a sustainable legacy that all can flourish in.

When we are taking a chance to create change, sustainable change our basis of what we know to be true is all up for questioning.

Just because something is ancient doesn’t mean its right, healthy and balanced. Let alone relevant to here and now.

Most objectively i witness and encounter individual’s that are awake are not consciously aware that our soul paths are regurgitated aspects of self where for thousands of lives we have not completed a mission, a emotion or a connection. So this soul aspect chooses to repeat it again, and again and again in hope that one day it will be resolved.

NOT TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION, one soul aspect has chosen to be human this time round in this physical vessel.

And yes whilst we maybe all ascending with the Earths vibration change’s, we must be truthful to ourselves that evolution is not a new concept.

A new earth is not a new concept, we have done this before.

We being human is not the first time, nor will it be the last.
Each time humanity doesn’t get it right with evolution, we re-create this matrix all over again.

Sending in more awakened individuals to start the awakening sooner, quicker and with differential clarity than the last time, the last attempt to assist the universe.

In truth, with how old we are as souls – it is not possible to physically heal all aspects of self given how old we all are.

Not even energetically heal all aspects of self, this doesnt mean we forget about it. It means we change the lense we look at life through.

Truth the actual amount of seen, unseen and hidden or even frozen aspects of self is beyond measure to count and heal each individual incarnation you have had on planet and off, in each binary star system or galactic war.

Every time we take a chance on change the way we view the world, ourselves and those surrounding us automatically morphs also.

Money, Home, Health and Relationships all become self inquiry aspects to either solidify what is in congruency and what is absent requires attention.

One of the most common questions i find asking either myself or clients i mentor for what purpose am i doing this action, having this relationship or doing this job…

I choose to step out of auto-pilot,
I take a chance on what else can grow from what i have and what i am.

Not in esoteric wisdom, rather in balanced “Self Human Mastery In Physicality”.

This is the balance between the mind, the body and the heart.

We all maybe able to run off in a direction to explore esoteric alchemy and its eternal possibilities however how sustainable this is truly is dependant on how balanced a individual is.

Intensional choosing to be HUMAN and to be balanced in health and vitality, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In witnessing and actively being apart of the conscious community for some time now – teaching, mentoring, facilitating and actively participating something that has really begun to stand out to me is that individuals instant need to heal in the belief that healing will make them happy.

Only to discover that they take themselves away from being HUMAN and constantly disregarding it as if its a pain or thorn in their side.

For the most part, every time i speak to a individual in the wider global conscious community they are not really happy.

They have gone down a rabbit hole thinking and believing that this constant healing will give them peace and happiness.

It actually takes them on a side diversion to heal something else that in reality is no different to organised institution.

Everyone wants to belong, be loved and contribute to something bigger then them.

I have seen this to be unhealthy, un-sustainable and definitely disease driven in a false belief that they are broken, through the eyes of the wounded.

We didn’t choose to be HUMAN to bypass it and want to be everywhere else than here on Earth.

If you choose to believe everything you do is impactful negatively, then you are convincing yourself it is.

If you choose to believe that every ray of sunshine and every solar wind is impactful to you then you are convincing yourself it is.

Not in a positive manner, rather you are convincing yourself to be HUAMN means constant sufferance.

Convinced this is to be true, when its so further from the fact.

Allowing yourself to BE HUMAN means allowing yourself to BE.
Cease seeking out drama to perpetuate drama.

A good mentor is one that asks and show’s you ways to ask the deep self inquiry questions to take a chance and create change.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Its then up to you on if you want to be aligned to wounded false beliefs that spiral you from balanced being as a HUMAN,


You choose to really invest emotionally, mentally and physically in yourself.

You see you will always be a soul having a human experience so truly allow yourself the full opportunity to be just that.

If you are really wanting to honour the HUMAN you are and live your life from the full potential you are at the ultimate capacity to really experience life then lets see if we are a match where i assist you through mentorship self inquiry questions to bring balance and harmony to self.

To witness and observe where in your own field or being you have noise, restrictions, reactions, adversity and hijacking of self.

Remember, what are you solving? and for what purpose are you doing what you are doing in life.

If its bringing you more pain than love with acceptance in growth then take a chance to co-create a thriving change.

Its not now or never,

Its always a choice, i don’t know about you but being HUAMN is pretty darn cool!

Grace & Gratitude,

ASHRA (C) 2019
Conscious Consulting International