Women, Divine Sacred Feminine, are the carriers of uninhibited love at a level within humanity right now that has not been witnessed nor felt like any other period in humanity’s natural history.

If you have been feeling a deep inner urge to fully embrace, understand, unify, and come into a state of indeed embodied wisdom in self lead physical mastery of mind, body, heart, soul, with spirit, then join THE CHALICE™️.

Love is not merely an exchange of caring, it is a complex layering of innate multi-dimensional awareness to the power of life.

It is the love that creates, births, sustains human existence.

How can anyone or anything ever dispute the power of the feminine, which is the most significant force upon Earth?

As a woman, as a carrier of the feminine. As a sacred vessel of the cosmic, universal and divine mother. It is now time for you to not only speak your feminine innate truth, but its time for you to come into a unified commune with women all over the globe to embody such reality as the rise of the embodied feminine is here in the now.

A sacred vessel where all women are celebrated. A force of compassion, unification, inspiration. THE CHALICE™️ is a space where we amplify the voice of the sacred feminine, where no one is in competition with anyone as the full becoming of your own innate light is yours and yours to own, embody and share.

THE CHALICE™️ is such a space where we embrace, celebrate, and give a powerful voice to diversity, inclusion, equality.

It’s a sacred vessel of truly merging the Aether and the Earth in you and with you in all manners, you have never witnessed, heard, or felt before.

The sacred vessel of consciousness teaching wisdom will be nothing like what is available anywhere right now, on any level: mind, body, heart, soul with spirit.

Joining this 12-month program is everything you have deeply longed for but not yet been able to language it in a manner that makes sense. It is the inner soul musing awaiting to be its full expression.

It is the next phase of everything you deeply crave in spiritual growth. Soul liberation & human expression. Creativity, intuitive gifts, conscious connections, conscious collaborations, health & vitality, sensuality & passion, abundance & prosperity, emotional & mental intuitive application, and so much more.

This is just the beginning…

It is and will be nothing like you think it will be, for many of you that join it will fully involve moving familiar missions and roles aside so that true essence of your souls light can be a new beacon of truth upon the planet.

A new level mission, soul purpose, embodied consciousness that is your own innate original source light birthed, sustained in all manners.

You need to be a rooted rose that is watered correctly, deeply revered and celebrated in the purity of heart’s original source truth and nothing less.

This is re-framing the universal truth of creation. You are part of this fabric that is being re-written.

In this program you will experience:

  • 12 1-1 Fully recorded Individual mentoring / coaching session’s throughout the year. Customized to you and the areas of focus you want to heal, enhance & transform (Post session progress work assigned to support you)
  • Lifetime access to all the online learning modules of this 12-month course
  • Fortnightly live Q & A in the closed FB group
  • Join the community of women all over the globe in the closed FB course group
  • Audio & video replay access to all learning modules
  • 18+ live interactive channeled teachings
  • Group Meditations
  • 20+ Modules to explore, learn about & apply the relatable, transferable wisdom unlocking your own innate gifts of sovereignty.
  • Clear clarity of self & the life path you want to lead
  • Develop heart-driven confidence in all you apply yourself with
  • Strengthen your entire relationship to self & those you serve in life
  • Deepen your own intuitive healing medicine & how to apply it in everyday life
  • Speak clearly & concisely what you need, want & desire from the heart
  • Have a real unshakable certainty with your entire self & your capabilities
  • Heal wounding from past life trauma
  • Heal inner child wounding
  • Heal wounding of not being enough, abandonment
  • Heal trauma of abuse, disease, (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually)
  • Heal womb trauma / sexual trauma
  • Heal the relationship with self & all you interconnect with in the world
  • Celebrate yourself in the world & what your wisdom gifts
  • Many more attributes on an individual level that awakens your spirit & invokes your heart in ways you are yet to feel.

Some of the topics covered in the modules in the course:

  • Womb & yoni Work
  • Akashic Records
  • Elements & you
  • Understanding emotional & mental intelligence in your daily life
  • Feminine Archetypes
  • Mother Wounding (heal)
  • Masculine Archetypes
  • Father Wounding (heal)
  • Shadow Work (Ego & Trauma Body)
  • Somatic Release / Conscious Breath
  • Sacred Medicine Baths
  • Sacred Space & Alters
  • Moon Rituals
  • Scared Unions
  • Journaling for intension
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Inner Child exploration, integration & healing
  • Energetic Hygiene & crystalline light
  • Water Elixirs
  • Shamanic Totem Animal Initiation (Meditation)
  • Sacred Circles & Sisterhood
  • Healing Trauma, Wounding & Toxicity (mind, body, spirit)
  • Sacred Tea Ceremonies
  • Mother & Father Divine (god self-connection)
  • So much profoundly more……

To join, send registration request to ASHRA to be sent invitation details & energy exchange.

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