Its a individual whose ideas are highly innovative that thrive beyond success and into influential social, economic and planetary sustainable change. I want to share with you why the need for aligning yourself with a mentor will accelerate your life and the life you desire to live in actuality.

Most clients that work with myself are deeply interested in achieving more than just monetary success. They want to experience continual deep meaning and fulfilment whilst consciously contributing to the community in which they serve and reside. The client’s that have unified longevity regardless of vocation most want to share their ideas, wisdom and knowledge so others in the local and expanded global community can benefit from it and with it. These individuals want to create an impact, where they are more than comfortable in creating disruption to encourage others to change the way they live, share and interact.

So what separates someone who talks about change and someone who is committed to change?

Its all in the details of a individual whom is committed to change will ensure their conviction is larger than their comfort zone, where as someone who talks about change but doesn’t act upon it will never live their life to full potential and capacity as they live their life on the side lines.

Pushing through your fears, limits and habits is no longer enough. Rewiring yourself internally emotionally, mentally, physically with spiritual connectivity is a balanced state of embodiment. This leads to expanded grow that drives positive impact on yourself which results in growth and positive change for others.

Inner mastery is outer attainment, this is something i advocate and lead my life with with so the lives i touch either personally or professionally see that its not only achievable its a fulfilling life’s living legacy.


As a transformational mentor, I will help you to rewire and recalibrate the old so you can make every single aspect of the innovation, inspiration, creation that you are come to full living potential and capacity in whatever streams you desire.

Some of my clients are already successful but seeking more balance and harnessed vision to give more back beyond the parameters of wealth. For our youth, our planet, humanity as a species and all the inhabitants across the globe.

I have clients that want career and lifestyle change that simply need a intensional strategy that is clear and concise making dreams reality, sustainably.

Most clients first come to me knowing they need transformation but simply don’t know where to start, thats my strength in trail blazing a path so individuals like you know what questions to ask internally and externally so a new pathway came be created, built and explored.

Some clients have extreme trauma, adversity and dysfunctional aspects that they want to no longer define the life they live by changing the relationships they have with the past so it no longer keeps them captive within the now.

The point is, as a high performance human behaviour though leader the diverse range of clients i work with is reflective of my own life’s journey.

I never teach anything i haven’t had first hand experience with, why?

Because its is our experiences that enables us to continually explore new heights of awareness and connection.

As a women now in my 40’s, i have worked extensively in the corporate sector training and developing hundreds of thousands of individuals. Mentoring leader’s and businesses to Industry on exponential success across various sectors. A highly successful entrepreneur, whom overcame terminal illness despite being told medically it wouldn’t be possible a few short years ago. Walked away from horrific domestic violence, addictive and toxic relationships, whilst becoming a full time single parent mum. From being employed with guaranteed income to forging my own business with nothing to now owning multiple global brands and a Youth Foundation. Not to mention moving my family from Australia to the USA…are just some of the first hand experiences I’ve had that have enabled me to assist transformation in you.

The depth of overcoming some of the most turbulent experiences brought me to heal from the heart outwards to all i touched and shared my life with. As a direct result i now share my fulfilling life with my whole other human being, soul and intimate lover, best friend and life partner.

That would not have been even remotely possible if i had sat on the sidelines waiting for change… Who i am is a direct result on the action i choose to take in every aspect of the life i lead now.

At the various stages of my life’s journey i didn’t always have people around to help me navigate those unchartered waters. Mostly because they were happy to settle for mediocrity where i was always hungry for mastery…embodied mastery across all aspects of my life.

My living legacy,

I wanted my life to mean something, I knew it was far more than any pain, sufferance or trauma. So for the past several years i have committed to daily self development even on the days where i was tired, exhausted. I never gave up faith in my potential, my ability to transform my life and the lives of other’s mentored in transformation.

Have i arrived, NO.

Some people get to hung up on status or accumulation of material objects. I am a life seeker, learning and grower.

I will always be a seeker of knowledge, innovation and creation. I know everything i do today seeds my future fund, maybe not tomorrow but a week form now or a year from now. But its funding it regardless.

Lovingly, passionately, humbly and compassionately…

Time, effort and copious amounts of tenacity.

As a parent i take great responsibility in leading the way forward for my son to see how regardless of what was, what is can be truly remarkable when we choose life.

My past doesn’t keep me captive, I continue to thrive forward and i can share with you how you can too.


INDIVIDUALS who are ready to cease procrastinating about life and start creating in healthful sustainable ways to build your own living legacy, purpose and mission in action. It’s for entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, creators, change-makers, culture-shifters, and anyone who wants their life to be about MORE THAN A BANK BALANCE.

Will this be for you? Only you can truly answer that…

I attract alot of interest to work with me, but only the committed rise up to the infinate posabilities that await. Its those that are preapared to do the work than seek only the solutions go the distance. Beacsue they self learn the tools, mindset, emotional embodiment with physical agility to go the distance.

Quick wins are quick, but that doesn’t mean they equal longevity healthfully. Just like anything that is obtainable doesn’t mean its sustainable, nourishing or fulfilling. Emotional and mental intelligence are integral in transformation, purpose is only purposeful when it is actual reality.

Dreams left on the pillow never create a impact others can thrive with if you don’t take loving action.


A coach will tell you exactly what steps to take to achieve something, here is the thing they are telling you how to repeat a process they learnt or experienced. A coach tells you what to do, a mentor ask’s you what you want to achieve and ensures you get their with all the right tools, strategy and tenacity emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually professionally and personally.

I’d choose a mentor hands down over a coach any day of the week. They are masters of their craft and are true conscious thought leaders.

A transformational mentor like me will assist you to transform yourself so you can create joy, purpose and fulfilment regardless of any economic or environmental condition you find yourself in. A good mentor is ahead of the game, someone you align with that has the results you seek…embodied results not just some instagram fame for five minutes of flash acknowledgement.

A thriving mentor is not a peer, its someone whom has a balanced life that honours the humanness as much as the spiritual connectivity to source. A thriving mentor also lives a flourishing lifestyle thats not about lack or poverty in any spectrum nor do they even entertain this behaviour rather its about fostering healthful wealth creation and sustaining the future fit fund of the life want today and all the years to come.

I’m of service, not a servant.

Are you?

No matter if you choose me or choose someone else to help you transform your life, i encourage you to ensure you to do it. No matter where i roam globally, where my business flourishes forward. Success maybe measured in the eye of the beholder, one thing remains successful individuals, thought leaders that drive actual change all have mentors.

To get them driving the self conviction they are to be bigger, grander than any comfort zone trying to cage them.

Transformational purposeful mentoring occurs when your mentor guides you into the conversations that you’ve been most afraid to have with yourself, that also reflect outwardly to others.

Discomfort over comfort.

Transformation is meant to take you to places you didn’t think were possible become your living loving reality,

Every conversation is a game-changer when mentored by myself

Enter each and every single mentoring conversation with the intention of experiencing change, yet dissolving expectation around the size of that change.

Mentoring is designed to transform you, how much or little is within you.


Despite how uncomfortable or unbearable a transparency may feel, transformational mentoring is about showing you what you the blind spots so you can discern them yourself for yourself without seeking out validation from people in whom you wouldn’t actually go to for real advise because they don’t follow through on what they say..


Transformation is the objective.

Change happens by how committed you are to your own transformation

In order to achieve incredible results, you must be willing to do things differently, immediately. The only thing that slows down the path of change, is your own resistance to it.

Integration is necessary, you must always practice what you learn so it becomes your second skin. If you cannot language it, you simply cannot embody it. So integration is vital every single aspect you transform regardless of the size in transformation.

Learning new insights are only a aspect of transformation, applying them in habitual daily action is where the new building blocks form.

Mentoring is a commitment to self development, wishing or praying your way through life hoping for change is foolish. Giving away power to a eternal force on the premise only they can influence your life is illusionary.

As a 7th generation medium clairvoyant psychic quantum alchemist i specialise in bridging the aether ad the earth together where intuition meets innovation in action.

In the now.

There is no “half-in, half out. You either choose yourself or you don’t. When you choose yourself you then can be all you need to be for those live’s you touch.

Your results are your responsibility, taking self ownership is making yourself development, mental intelligence, emotional connectivity and self spiritual connection a priority in physical mastery.

Its should be in the top five of your values, if not number one.

If its not, then why aren’t you choosing yourself?

People say motivation looses momentum, i say lack of clarity is what drives stagnancy it has nothing to do with motivation at all.

So will you make 2020 the year you decide its time to make yourself a priority? If not 2020 when will you?

If you are ready to commit to transforming your entire life then connect with me via contact@ashraglobal to discuss working with me is the right fit for you.

Grace & Gratitude


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