As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to overcome adversity without falling to pieces. You know the type where you want to set up camp even though the conditions are terrible?

It’s a skill that is learned, using resilience for the benefit of thriving forward even in the face of adversity. Rejection and failure are hard for everyone regardless of the circumstances. Entrepreneur’s are a resilient breed of business people, not because they are big risk takers rather that all of their ideas are not successful one’s. However they will treat adversity, fallbacks and every no is a better yes waiting to be discovered as a lesson, they will use the inner knowledge that each tribulation gifts them on how to keep showing up time and time again. Refining their craft, habits, beliefs to what they value and what they are building. They use life as accumulative teachable moments that they then utilise to best up level themselves and the lives they reach and serve.

If you are thinking to explore the options of being a entrepreneur know it takes far more consistent effort than what you think and it will take a copious amount more no’s before you get constant yeses.

First, don’t overthink it. If you have a great idea, bring it to market locally and globally. We often all have intuitive ideas that solve problems but rarely as a percentage of the populous don’t take action on making the ideas actual reality.

Be courageous and explore what ideas you have, but do it with a strategy. A intensional strategy that ensures it doesn’t become a stagnant opportunity never fulfilled. When you do experience setback with birthing pains of bringing ideas into fruition, try your very best to not get bogged down in the details except to examine why something didn’t work. Always look to seek out the positives also, often when failure surfaces we don’t acknowledge enough the success within the failure. Just because something doesn’t take flight the first time round doesn’t mean its a bad idea or bad opportunity. Sometime’s in all my years of being in business as a successful entrepreneur my ideas have been great, i simply haven’t been ready to take them to the level of commitment required.

Mostly because i still has life lessons to learn to give me the necessary tools to ensure its not only successful but the equity it would deliver is sustainable in the long run. One of the most advantageous lessons i have come to understand over the years is that getting the formula right isn’t about quick wins its about thriving sustainable possibilities that have strategy and implementation accountability.

Lessons learnt are phenomenal barometers of where to grow from moving forward, they show you clearly what you don’t want or need and where intensional focus must be channeled for execution next time around.

Secondly, be sure to always surround yourself with people who have a similar mindset, emotional intelligence and life philosophy. If at all possible, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and business people who have something to teach you in areas you are yet to be knowledgeable or experienced in.

Pay attention to what they do and say. This may include working with a business mentor, transformational mentor to self recalibrate the internal dialogue to ensure external opportunities are always in alignment. Anybody who wants to have a successful career, business or life emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually should be mentored through the various stages of their lives.

As they grow so do the requirements for new mentors to continue to assisting in elevating you and your life’s work.

Your purpose, passion and conviction to leave this world better than you found it!

Thirdly, please for the love of yourself don’t send yourself into isolation when things are difficult, where you feel most stretched. Its in these moments that seeking out learned wisdom assists you greatly with tools to best self support the challenges that comes.

It’s a human tendency to isolate and lick our wounds from time to time, but from a learned perspective, it’s really the worst thing that you can do.

If you believe that people may not understand what you’re going through, remember that’s false. When you are surrounded by other thriving like minded individuals they too will tell you the value of sharing experiences vs going it alone. The skilful art of developing resilience in business, entrepreneurship and personally in all aspects of how life unfolds can be fast-tracked when interacting with others. There’s a lot of learning and solace in the thought that we aren’t alone.

Because we aren’t, ever.

Fourth, it can be helpful to think of business resilience, being a entrepreneur as a sort of reframing of current and past events. After all, isn’t life at its core all about perspective?  As an entrepreneur, it’s best that you embrace the idea that challenges and bumps in the road are going to be the norm. Though they do get significantly easier to deal with over time, yet the calculated risks become bigger when you begin playing a much bigger game. Always remember bigger the risks, bigger the rewards with bigger the service to humanity, our planet with its ability to not simply survive yet thrive forward!

Understanding this from the beginning with what ever you put action into will make your life much more fulfilling, that everything you learn is applicable to up level you and what you stand for.

You can wallow and fail or embrace resilience and succeed.  It’s your choice.

Choose wisely daily, take action and flourish forward!