We have been walking through so many changes in 2020 thus far. Yet many more are still to arrive on a collective, community, also on an individual level in this next phase of a total transformation.

Which often stirs a deep inner unsettling in the unknown, as these changes occur. Including the closing of doors, the opening of new ones. What you may perceive as missed opportunities is simply a realignment based on higher consciousness inviting you to walk your life operating from your divine heart.

Trust is one of those aspects of self that we all can experience a more stable connection too and with. Its the discernment of ego, pride, and fear in allowing our hearts congruency to guide us. In directing us away from any unnecessary obstacles, suffering, and repeating of trauma that can be mitigated in healing generational wounding.

Trust is about learning to trust yourself, your body as a barometer of absolute hearts truth. Trust is continually building the thread of divine unification you have with spirit, your emotional and mental connectivity through to the space you hold in hearts truth for the planet, and her purpose as a guardian for humanity.

Trust, like many aspects of innate consciousness, is multifaceted and has deep resonance for understanding well beyond what the limitations of the ego constrain.

Continue to stay committed to self, do not abandon self within the uncertainty you maybe be feeling, seeing, hearing, or experiencing.

Know that significant inner healing is transforming, but it requires you to stay committed to self.

To your heart, and the full capacity to heal through love.

The soul blueprint, the original god-self, is the unique wisdom for your development in all aspects of the multidimensionality that you are.

If you have been finding yourself disorientated of late, feeling conflicted about choice. Trust that this is a consequence of Universal forces at play to realign you back to your soul original blueprint.

Move through; it will require acceptance, grace, love, and compassion for self.

Each change will inevitably change your inner world, as the outer world matches this pace. Every adjustment is moving you towards the beautiful, inspired, unique, authentic form it is meant to be, trust you are unfolding in divine timing.

In Hearts Grace,

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