Being objective about your ego requires you to address the aspects about yourself you tend to hide from, hide from the world. It’s uncomfortable to be brutally honest and transparent with yourself. It requires you to move beyond illusions you have self-created and perpetuated as an identity that makes you someone in the world.

Ego, shadow work is the most progressive way to heal what plagues and traumatizes you.

So lets unpack what is referred to as ego to the shadow.

All of us have a “shadow” we even have a spiritual ego. That’s another aspect of wounding ill address in another article. It’s known as spiritual nepotism. Seeking out individuals in some form of hierarchal order based on their gifts of worthiness.

So all humans have a shadow. The shadow self is the abandon and rejected aspects of self that we punish, repeatedly consciously or subconsciously. We actively begin the cyclic patterning in childhood from learned behavior, absorbed conditioning, and projections form externalities surrounding us.

In childhood to receive love, approval, based often on the very traits and behaviors seen as a “positive” by guardians or parental figures. As we grow and develop this then extends outwards to teachers, community leaders, organizational leaders, peers, and even societal structures.

Our ego’s, are the army like defence system that protect us from enemy lines. Often when the ego goes into defult mode it will shut down your ability to communicate what you know to be truth, but you will defelct by nothaving toanswer in transparency. You might come to know this response as “I dont know”.

The “I don’t know” is the ego’s automatic response in blocking you from retrieving experiential insights from learned wisdom. Both good or bad, the ego is the aspects of our psyche that controls and wants to dominate in keeping an individual small, living small, and contracted. Not the intended expanded version of self that is in congruency with heart and soul.

So our egos protect us from the shadow aspects and let’s be honest as individuals ist not a joy ride acknowledging that jealousy, fear, greed, lust, rage, control, power, domination plus a plethora of other exchanges not listed are perceived as “negative” exchanges thus us living with a negative energetic exchange with these aspects of self.

So what occurs is that our alter ego then projects these very aspects outwardly onto others. Making it about others, when in fact it’s actually all about our own duality. It’s about our own wounding and not addressing it at its root cause.

Ours alter ego’s love to focus outwardly, finding the fault amongst the stars. I don’t mean literal stars in the night sky or Hollywood stars either. I mean specifically, humans always want to find fault even in goodness. It could be sunny out, and someone would complain its too sunny.

It could rain and someone would say getting wet is the worst. You may complain about not having enough vacations, you go on vacation and you complain about it not being long enough…

Are you seeing the trend here?

So as the ego loves to focus outwards, on other people’s faults, mistakes, shortcomings, inadequacies, of course, all of these are simply perceptions based on your past. Based on your won experiential exchanges in learned behavior and connections to life, to self.

This is the human condition, we all experience this. No one is above or below these exchanges, and if they tell you they are…..because trust me when I say this I have seen it all. Their alter ego screams the loudest!!

Questioning the ego will be no doubt about it uncomfortable, painful for the ego. Especially when the human exchange in life is developed in practicing in looking outwards rather than self-mastery in going inwards.

To expand our consciousness, to live a more conscious existence that is harmonic and healthful. When we invest in time, energy, resources, support, and even mentorship where we can drop into space to truly own and reconcile our dualities, our alter egos, and personas.

This then becomes the healers path, its is the work that transforms lives.

Always for the greater good for all involved.

In heart & health



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