Not all coaching is the same. For this reason, many individuals, when they are seeking out a mentor or coach can find the exchange a little overwhelming without truly knowing what they need or for that matter who they need to be that support role.

This is why not all coaches are the same, and finding the right individual to be uplevel you and your life are like dating, it must be the right fit for you to grow. At ASHRA GLOBAL, we have an apparent direction in how we approach in working with clients, that it needs to be an equal exchange relationship.

Meaning that each client is ensured to be the right fit in equal measure for ASHRA. We do this specifically to stay in the integrity of the body of work that is delivered and tailored for the coaching, mentoring embodiment exchange for as long as the student is journeying in sacred containment with ASHRA.

ASHRA observed over 15 years ago how many people wanted to be coached professionally and often had more than one coach for the different goals or areas of life they were seeking to align, expand or gain better momentum within. Often this lead with contradicting results as a great sales coach may be significant at sales but actually has not learned or mastered the art of self-love, self-care, and self-value. They can teach you how to refine a 12 step process to get results time and time again, but it is regurgitating someone else’s results. Often, many fail at the get rich quick schemes because they are selling your idea. You can have what they have by following precisely what they did.

Here is the core dis-advantage to this, logically you can not repeat someone else’s results because you are you, and everyone else is uniquely different too. So ASHRA set out to find coaches that were experts in their fields but also were masters in all areas of life.

ASHRA could not find such mentors or professional coaches that could walk their talk, mind, body, soul with spirit, and truly own the space but invite students to do the same in their own embodiment. This then began the journey of ASHRA’S 16+ year bringing together a pearl of collaborative innate wisdom that she has personally walked and mastered herself to facilitate, share and guide individuals through to step their own unique light in self lead a physical heart to soul mastery.

This is why it called the art of self-led mastery because each layer is textured, beautiful, organic, and transformative.

ASHRA has developed a unique exchange in bringing two worlds together meaning the grounded learned embodied wisdom and that of intuitive guidance into her facilitation and mentoring collaborative work. It is tailored to specifically the feminine, to unlock, reconcile whilst recalibrating generational and ancestral oppression of the feminine to come back into full celebrated glory in the powerhouse of exchange the feminine brings to humanity, the earth, and everything else in between.

This harnessing of insights is for those women who are not looking for quick fixes, rather a full lifestyle change where they continually up-level and expand themselves in ways they would not be able to do so without being in such an exchange with ASHRA. For themselves, for the communities, they serve and belong too, for the intimate relationships they hold and for the future generations they conceive and carry.

At a glance, ASHRA works with clients on an entire life change, no aspect is left unturned. Really why should it, if you are leveling and expanding yourself you would want all aspects to reap the benefits of such exchange? of course, you would and that’s why, having a diet coach that doesn’t know anything about mindset, emotional connectivity and spiritual root causes of imbalance in the body would not get the same results as what ASHRA does and has.

ASHRA will get clients to re-evaluate and reconcile, behaviors, beliefs, boundaries, way of being, environments, and relationships, the past, the present developing intensional framework in what is bring invoked in the future paced exchange whilst remaining deeply invested in the now.

To connect with ASHRA to start your own journey, click here: ashra@as