Just like our relationship to self our relationships to others require a conscious committed sustainable connection via watering, nurturing, and loving exchange that is mutually beneficial. Far too often however as humans we get busy and caught in the drag of life, allowing externalities to distract us and even derail us from what matters most. We often find ourselves caught in other people’s stories, events, trauma, pain, and expectations that we abandon the most precious connections that truly mean the most to us.

The one we hold with ourselves and every connection that stems from that.

Discipline is not just completing a task or following a diet, discipline is so much more than meets the eye. You may have found, even had a very personal exchange with losing focus on being disciplined in whats matters most to you. You may know others who have also had this exchange, only to regret losing focus, intent, and purpose along the way.

When we lose traction to a commitment or a set discipline we loose focus on the direction that is most organic to our souls, our hearts, and the life we want to most purposefully live in actuality. We all want relationships that are effortless and flow lovingly without distortion, neediness, or unhealthy exchanges but in the desire for effortless, that doesn’t mean we dont put in the effort. In fact, it’s the opposite, we ensure we are consciously choosing connections that are full, not partially aligned to our self-love, self-worth, self-value, beliefs, boundaries, values, and environments that best support us in the exchange.

So ask yourself this, where do you stand in a discipline in developing your relationships? To yourself and those that you surround yourself with in life. Knowing that discipline is discipleship, self discipleship. It is the art of self-mastery, to something or someone or something larger than both. So you can invite this exchange into your awareness if it is absent, discipline is the act of self-love by bringing you closer to what you desire, to express, experience, and embody within your life.

When you look at discipline in this light, sacrificing is not event relevant. Beacuse no one who truly loves self see’s being aligned to the heart of all that matters most as self-indulgent or sacrificing.

The choice to fully walk in the embodiment of LOVE.

Is being disciplined in all the relationships created, sustained, and lovingly maintained that add value to daily life, never ever depleting or distracting our lives.

Self discernment is taking invested time to really take count of being honest with self to see where your disciple is and what value you have on discipline.



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